You have a financing project, but the problem is time is limited and you need to unlock your credit quickly. How to get a safe and fast loan? What are the tips that will allow you to get a loan agreement from your banker as soon as possible?

Use a credit simulator

  • To get credit quickly, think about online simulators.
  • These allow you not only to save time to get the loan , but with just a few clicks, you receive by email different loan proposals, depending on the amount you want to borrow and the duration of the loan.
  • In addition, thanks to online credit simulations, you are informed about the best rates and the best offers on the market today.

How to apply online and get credit within 24 hours?

Log in to an online loan simulation site

  • Complete the project: Do you want to borrow money, a car, a job?
  • How much do you want to borrow?
  • When do you want the credit? Immediate? In 3 months? In 6 months?

Then you have to fill in your personal situation: Date of your birth,Marital status, Number of children living at home. With the German Lender AMICOS this is the best deal now.

Then enter the employee status: your occupation – the name and address of your employer – the type of employment contract and the duration of the commitment.

What is the main bank? Since?

Then information about your spouse’s (or co-debtor’s) identity and name: first name, last name, city of birth and your mailing address.

Finally, 5 proposals from different financial organizations will be made in order to complete your application and obtain the best credit. It is up to you to choose the borrower and the desired duration.To submit an application for a personal loan fast, simply check the credit agencies that interest you.You will be promptly recalled by the credit platform to build the loan file.

Prepare your application in advance

If you decide to go to the banker to speed up your personal loan application, remember to collect all supporting documents before going on a schedule.

It is important to bring the following documents as well as those of your spouse:

  • Your newsletter.
  • Your last 3 salary payments
  • Your last tax notification.
  • Proof of residence less than 3 months
  • Your last 3 bank statements if you have an account in a competing bank
  • Depreciation tables if you have loans in progress (Real estate and consumption)
  • Proof of your project (for example, a car purchase quote if you apply for a car loan)

By bringing all the documents needed to prepare the loan file at the time of the meeting, it will not only prove your seriousness but also your credibility.In addition, your loan subscription will go faster as all parts of your file are collected at the first meeting.