Many people from outside of Singapore desire to settle there permanently so that they may find stable employment and bring up their families. These people can do so by applying to become Permanent Residents (PRs) of Singapore. A foreign worker in Singapore must have had an Employment Pass, Entre Pass, Personal Employment Pass, or S Pass for a minimum of six months before applying for permanent residence (PR). You needed at least two years of continuous residence in Singapore to be eligible for permanent residency and a student pass.

PRs have access to numerous additional privileges not available to the general public, such as the ability to travel in and out of the nation without requiring a separate travel visa. In addition to Singapore’s thriving economy, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and relative safety and security, permanent residents (PRs) are afforded a number of privileges and advantages not available to non-Singaporeans. The following are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Singapore PR application specialty:

Liberation from the Boundaries of Work Passes and the Associated Limitations on Travel

After establishing permanent residence in Singapore, you will no longer need to worry about having your visa or work permit applications denied every two to three years or while changing jobs. You have unrestricted entry into and exit from the country. There are now more employment opportunities available to PRs in Singapore, so you may take your choice of positions without worrying about how your pass would be affected if you switch employers. A Blue Identity Card will be granted to you, which will serve as your primary form of identification in Singapore and will allow you unlimited access to the country for the purposes of residing there, entering the country, and exiting the country.

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You should submit paperwork to get permanent residency for your family

A permanent resident application may be filed on behalf of a non-married spouse and children (under the age of 21). Children of school-age are granted enrollment priority in the public schools of their parents’ choice, second only to citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. Your parents may join you in the country for prolonged periods of time if you apply for and get long-stay visas for them.

Make the most of the Central Provident Fund’s (CPF) many financial benefits

You and your employer in Singapore must contribute to your retirement savings account every month under the Central Provident Fund (CPF) program if you are a resident of Singapore. You may use your CPF for a wide variety of uses, including housing, insurance, investment, education, healthcare, and retirement, and watch as the value of your holdings grows over time.

In Singapore, mortgage loans are available

There is a preference given to permanent residents over non-permanent residents when it comes to the approval of home loan applications. You’ll be able to buy Housing Development Board (HDB) flats on the secondary market, which are ordinarily only available to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. As a result, you now have access to a wider selection of potential residences throughout the United States.