Electric car owners should know the best charging techniques. The move from filling up at a gas station to visiting EV charging points will take a lot of practice and work. Therefore, adequate charging stations are critical. Understanding the various charging levels, voltage, charge speed, and socket types appropriate for your electric car is crucial. Here are six tips to remember when travelling in an electric vehicle.

#1 Stay on Schedule

EV owners can find many charging alternatives. Hence, it is vital to plan ahead of time. You can use apps to facilitate planning by providing customised route planning. Some apps also provide information on the nearest charging point on the road.

#2 Prevent Overheating

Keep your electric car in the shade. The heat will eventually affect the battery of your EV if in the heat. One of the consequences can be frequent visits to EV charging points since your battery discharges randomly.

#3 Beat the Traffic

The more traffic there is, the more your EV will use electricity. Moreover, stopping at a paid charging point can cost more since electricity prices tend to climb during peak hours. Always try to beat the traffic to avoid huge lineups at charging stations and enjoy a cheap ride.

#4 Avoid Draining Your Battery

It is a good idea to recharge your battery at 30% and avoid overloading it. The optimal range for many EV brands is 30%-80%. Many EV charging points feature a buffer that prevents charging after a certain point to avoid it.

#5 Drive with Ease 

Driving more slowly will allow you to preserve energy from your battery. Your battery discharges quicker the faster you go. Taking your time and avoiding the accelerator can help your battery last longer. It also helps prolong the gap between each visit to a charging point.

#6 Create a Charging Schedule

Most people charge their EV batteries at night so that they can sleep. It is an excellent time to recharge your EV. However, never keep it on the charger for too long. Some models let you set the timer on your charger to switch off. If you cannot charge at home, ensure you have the time to visit and stay at EV charging points.

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