The year 2020 was not kind to us, from the global pandemic that made us worry about our survival to the nationwide lockdown that forced us to pause our daily lives to stay safe. Most of us were robbed of our memories of our adolescent lives’ most important part: high school final year and graduation. That does not mean all hope is lost; schoolies are still on—as long as you follow all safety precautions during your trip, you can now confidently begin planning your schoolies 2021. Give yourself something you can look forward to after the end of your high school years.

Experience The Tradition

Schoolies are a tradition that has been around for nearly four decades and is now a rite of passage for every high schooler, a symbolic journey for every adolescent, from running down the beach and jumping into the water first to your last party with your best mates before it all ends. Schoolies motivate through the exams for some of us, knowing that there is a fantastic experience waiting at the end of all this stress and anxiety. So, making it the best trip you have ever had should be your aim.

Vacation Planners Does the Job

With schoolies comes the promise of fun. Partying it out, or trying to finish the Schoolies Bucket List; the trip has something for everyone to do. If Queensland’s Gold Coast is too stereotypical for you, there are other exotic places to visit and experience your schoolies trip, like Bali or Fiji, for example. With the help of vacation planners, your dream could become a reality for you and your mates. They take care of all the logistical parts of your travel like tickets, stay, itinerary, etc., while you get to experience only the fun bits. They ensure that your schoolies become one of your best summer trips ever, an experience of a lifetime, and a perfect way to end your schooling years.

What’s in Store

The vacation planners ensure that the trip is removed from the usual. They promise a week of new experiences, fun in the sun, and the beach scent in your hair. Schoolies are not just about parties and concerts; they can be a cultural experience that enriches the mind while not skimping out on the fun.

They assure your safety throughout the week while you enjoy the festivities planned. In terms of safety, collaboration with the Red Frogs Network is a necessity for any schoolies trip, and your vacation planner will establish communications with them for you so that you can be assured of your well-being for the rest of your journey. The Red Frogs provide essential support for schoolies throughout the trip whenever needed, promising that your first time outside of school will be a safe but exhilarating experience. 

Your schoolies trip marks the end of an era in your life and the beginning of a new one. You break away from the familiar to experience the new and learn who you truly are. This trip will take you to new places where you will have new experiences, symbolic of your life’s next chapter. With this being your first foray into the world after high school, make it one for the books with your schoolies 2021.