Want to feel the adrenaline rush in your veins? Your team has got your back against the opponent team. Booking a laser tag game to be played with your friends, relatives, coworkers would be a great and exciting adventure. Not all get a chance to become a real-life soldier holding rifles against enemies on the battlefield. For those, laser tag offers a taste of the real battlefield as it does not mean you lose your life if you lose the game. Play it over again and have fun.

About the Laser Tag Game

Initially, it was used for military training purposes. Then the idea was used to grant civilians a chance to explore the battleground in a mild form. This game uses laser emitting guns to be pointed and fired on the body of the opponent. The weapon has an infrared tracker, which sends a signal to the computer upon being fired. The computer records the information granting shots to the players. It also keeps track of the lives given to each player, the number of players active, number of shots, etc. 

This game is entirely safe for all groups of people, including children. Vests and visible laser beams add up to give the visual effect of a real mission at hand. Rules are set before to avoid confusion, and mutual agreement between teams over specific customizable rules is also upheld. Any kind of physical contact or breach of regulations would be liable to penalty and ultimately be a winning stake for the opponents. 

The laser beams would not even discolor your clothes or skin. The version they use in laser guns is safe and mild. Unlike the paintballs thrown on opponents filled with colors, it would not hurt. Many such games are there such as capture the flag, rescue the VIP, attack and secure the base, etc. Laser tag seems a high-tech match when compared to these as it has attracted the attention of youngsters and others. It offers a healthier game, granting mobility and action-orientedness, unlike stationary video games at home.

Where to play?

Laser tag can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Specially designed studios tucked with obstacles, artifacts to give the ambiance of a battleground would make up for the indoor play arena. The outdoor area is decked with such antiques to give that challenging vibe to the players. Random team players can also play this game, who do not know each other but have booked for one or a couple of rounds to play.

This game is fast-paced and checks your motor skills and coordination with the team members. But it is essential to keep your attitude cool towards losing or winning as some critics point to the darker side of the game. That indirectly promotes violence through the use of “symbolic” guns.  


Laser tags can serve the purpose to have fun and relax after stressful work hours, busy schedules at offices. Having fun should be the primary concern along with the team winning spirit. Otherwise, it would be unhealthy to carry the heat of the game with yourself home. This obsession with the game even after the game is over could result in drastic, harmful, and violent repercussions in the immature players. Anyone could go through such a phase if inexperienced.

Otherwise, it’s an entertaining time game that lets you be the good and the bad guy at the same time.