There is no discussion about the quality of the widely known blue-black brand, Makita. However, there is a lot of questions about battery tools and preferred voltage. Makita jigsaw 18v is an instrument that is needed for any master dealing with wood, metal, and plastic as well as for DIYers who like to work with complicated forms and curved lines. But why it should be particularly 18 V? Let’s sift this question to the bottom.

Why do you need a Makita cordless jigsaw 18v?

Makita 18v jigsaw is one of the best options in its market niche. Japanese quality makes these tools very durable when cordless form allows using instrument even at spaces without electric grid and sockets. Specifically, wireless as a feature makes jigsaws’ efficiency dependable from voltage. In general power, diapason can be from 12 to 36 volt but the most common propositions on the market are 12 V and 18 V.

Voltage influence:

  • battery capacity. If you wish to run longer between charges, it is better to take 18V than 12V
  • weight. Despite that the cordless tool is handy, big voltage demands additional weight for the battery. Due to this 18V is the golden mean.
  • range of tasks. Low-powered tools can deal only with soft materials like plastic or softwoods. If you need to curve hardwood or metal, you need at least a Makita 18v jigsaw brushless or even more powerful instrument.

So, how you can see, 18V is almost enough for most tasks and comfortable in use because it balances size and efficiency. If you are now looking for a place to order Makita jigsaw 18V, we invite you to visit UK Planet Tools shops: online or offline. Their experienced team is always ready to help you to choose the most suited power instruments that match all your needs. You would be favorably impressed by the huge range of tools and quality of service.