So you’ve started your own business. You’ve hired the right people, picked the right product, and gotten going to live the life of your dreams. But is there something you’ve forgotten?


Okay, we don’t suspect you’ve actually forgotten about water, as the average man consumes 117 ounces of water a day. But many business owners don’t think about the quality of their water to protect them and their employees.

Whether you’re paying attention to it or not, clean water is important. This article will walk you through all you need to know to find the right water filtration system for your business.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are the most popular kind of water filter on the market. In activated carbon filter systems, water flows through an activated carbon filter, which absorbs pollutant molecules inside the water.

An activated carbon filter is affordable, adept at getting rid of nasty chlorine and sediment compounds, and can even be used without electricity. However, a major downside of this piece of water filtration technology is that it can not remove minerals or salts from the water.

While activated carbon filters might not be the most high-quality filter on the market, they will improve the smell and taste of your water vastly, and remove many of the pollutants that can damage you and your employees.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse osmosis is a fascinating scientific process. Reverse osmosis water filter technology lets you take advantage of this scientific process.

Reverse osmosis systems make water travel through a small-pored membrane. This keeps out harmful pollutants.

Like activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis filters can work without electricity. However, activated carbon filters don’t work quite as well as reverse osmosis filters do. The membrane in a reverse osmosis water treatment system is highly effective and keeps out pollutants, parasites, and even viruses.

The drawback is exactly what you’d expect from something so high in quality. The price. It also requires you to use more water, which will add up to more money in the end.

If you can afford it, the reverse osmosis filter just might be the filter system for you.

For more information on filtration systems, check out this article by FilterSmart on the best filtration system for well water.


After you find the best water filtration system for you, you’re going to need to find a trustworthy company to install it. Don’t skimp on the installation. Find yourself a reliable company to get your filtration system.

Find the Best Water Filtration System

When setting up a business, the importance of clean water cannot be understated. Once you understand the basics of activated carbon systems, reverse osmosis filters, and researched companies for installation, you’re well on your way to providing yourself and your employees with a great water filtration system.

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