Since the pandemic, 42% of America’s workforce has started working from home full-time.

That’s an outstanding amount. And unfortunately, if you weren’t the half working remotely, you were likely one of the many left jobless. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start working from home as well.

If you want a slice of the work from home pie, then keep reading to learn about small business ideas from home and small business tips!

How to Start a Business

Starting a small business takes a lot of thought. You have to understand what your goals are, what skills you have to offer, and then figure out what business fits both those answers.

If you don’t have the answer right now, that’s okay. As you read through our list, keep in mind what your goals and skills are, and see which businesses match up.


Are you a wicked wordsmith or have hard technical skills? Then freelancing could be your perfect fit!

While you can freelance anything, recently it’s been a term paired with online work. For example, freelance writing, graphic design, web design, marketing… the list is endless. All you need is a computer, internet, and an online skill, and you’re good to go!

It’s the perfect business from home as you’re the entire business.


Whether you want to do something specific like a carpet cleaning business start up or want to offer more general house cleaning, this is a great field to get into. From window cleaning, pressure washing, and home cleaning there’s a ton of different ways you can pursue it.

It might take a bit more effort to get off your feet, as you’ll need to buy the supplies. Start off working for neighbors and friends and then take on bigger business as your inventory expands.


Do you have years of experience in a certain industry? Do you have a ton of knowledge and enjoy helping others?

If this sounds like you, then consultancy could be a good fit. Consultants work through contracts that are set for a certain amount of time and offer specific help and knowledge on a situation. This is great for those who mastered their industry and still want to be in it while still working for themselves.

Start by reconnecting with the people you met while working in your industry and discuss possible opportunities.


If you’re good with tools then this is definitely where you should be. Being a handyman can be a very profitable job. It’s a hard skill that not everyone has, and people are always looking for help and DIY projects.

You can find jobs virtually anywhere. Start by looking at online forums and advertising in local businesses.

Small Business Ideas From Home for Everyone

Whether you crave to be a digital nomad working from around the world, or want to get involved and help your local community, there’s a perfect remote job for you.

This of course is not an exhaustive list of all the small business ideas from home. If you’re creative enough and have the drive, you can start any business from home.

If this idea interests you, then check out our blog for more information on business and personal finance to help you kickstart this project!