Constant and impressive strides in technology have given business even greater opportunities to update and improve their operations, optimise efficiency, and ultimately strengthen their businesses altogether.

These technologies come in many forms and oftentimes they aim to simplify operations within the office, whether that be an updated or outsourced networking system or new and efficient ways to communicate with customers. In the case of the latter, you can now expand your customer call operations to improve customer service and prevent missed calls and voicemails, among other things.

Personalised Receptionist Services

Whether you are a new business or startup and lack the staffing needed to handle customer calls or are simply receiving too many calls to efficiently handle, you can have your calls redirected to a live telephone answering service to have you covered no matter your status.

These services ensure that no call goes unanswered and all customers receive excellent service from a live receptionist, eliminating the potential for customers to get a voicemail and ensuring that you don’t miss out on a business opportunity.

Virtual receptionist services such as Message Direct work to understand your business to give you a more personalised service. By understanding your business and your daily operations, they can better interact with your customers. They will answer the phone as your business and employ any answering and discussion techniques specific to your business.

24/7 and Overflow Call Handling

You can keep your overheads low and make sure that all calls are answered on a 24/7 basis. Whether you want to catch calls that come after normal business hours or are operating a 24/7 business and want to ensure that no calls get missed, you can take advantage of these telephone answering services.

Overflow call handling is intended to catch calls that come while your in-office phone is in use but they can also be tailored to be used only when you need it. For example, if your receptionist steps away for a moment or you want to redirect calls while you focus on other work, you can have all incoming calls directed to your live receptionist off site, guaranteeing no loss in productivity or business.

Enhance Customer Service

These services ultimately improve your customer service sector by guaranteeing that all calls are taken by friendly and professional receptionists. Many customers that get redirected to voicemail won’t leave their information and these telephone answering services make sure that they don’t have to.

Having your calls answered on a 24-hour basis ensures that you don’t miss out on any business and that you respond immediately to all enquiries coming to you; with a completely tailored service, you can save both time and money.