Cash for gold Melbourne adverts are everywhere these days. This is largely due to the high price of gold offered on the market. Cash for gold buyers buy all kinds of gold. It can be anything from broken, damaged, worn ugly gold jewellery to wedding bands from a marriage breakup. If you have gold stashed away somewhere and you would like to make some quick cash you’ll need to know where to go, what the procedure is.

Selling gold has become an easy way to make cash and in these tough economic times, everyone can do with a little bit of extra cash. Gold buyers all have money to give for your gold. Whilst they all have the same promise, they won’t offer the same price for your gold or even give you the exact amount your gold might actually be worth. The small shopping centre gold buyers often leave a large profit margin between what they buy and what they end up selling it for. As a gold seller, you won’t get much returns on your gold unless you make that journey into a city such as Phoenix and to visit a reputable gold dealer.

Gold is a commodity whose price fluctuates quite often. However, owning gold jewellery is better than owning a hundred pairs of old shoes because unlike old shoes you get a return on the precious metal itself.

Arm yourself with information and get as much out of a gold dealer as you can. When you have enough information about your own gold, you need to research the local cash for gold Melbourne dealers near you. Not all the companies that promise money for gold are legitimate. Many are just looking for a quick way to make money at the expense of gold sellers. How do you know that you are dealing with an ethical and reputable buyer? Well, there are some fundamental questions you should ask:

How long have you been buying gold?

When gold prices rose, everybody wanted a piece of the action. This is why there are some many gold buyers. Some of these buyers are in pawn shops, others a operate from pop-up kiosks and others are run from dubious places like laundromats and hair salons. Some of these establishments do not inspire trust. How credible can a gold buyer who buys gold in a laundromat? What about kiosk buyers? They hardly stay in one place for long. Gold is a precious commodity and any buyer should be able to demonstrate to you that they have been in the industry long enough and have built a certain track record or reputation. Your buyer should operate in a clean and safe environment. He or she must be professional in how he deals with sellers or anyone seeking information on gold. You will find that most Gold Buyers in the city offer you the highest market rates for your gold.

Do you have customer referrals?

There is no better business marketing strategy like “Word of mouth”. You can learn a lot about a gold buyer from previous customers. You can ask for testimonials or better yet, search review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews to see customer feedback. However, a reputable gold buyer will not be shy to share customer testimonials with you.

How will you assay my gold items?

A gold buyer should have the time to test your metal and to walk you through the testing process. Be wary of buyers who buy gold by sight. Whilst you should expect them to tell real gold from fake gold, you should ask for an assay to test the quality so you can get a fair deal. Gold buying is not mystical process or a secret business. Any reputable gold buyer will be using XRF technology.