Binance crypto currency platform always has two parts, the basic and the “pro” type. Though these two are different, they serve the same purpose. The difference is that the “pro” type consists of deeper information about crypto currency. It is more detailed and consists of mote graphs, so that it can boost the understanding of the trader. The basic type is mostly for the beginners who have not yet got a deeper understanding of the crypto currency exchange market.

  • It doesn’t provide flat currency exchange

This means that the Binance platform is only crypto to crypto. You cannot exchange the Binance coin with US dollar or any other paper currency. This may be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you see it. It may be an advantage because once it provides flat currency, it becomes more complicated and the process becomes long. The reason as to why this platform is very fast is because it provides crypto to crypto exchange. No money is involved. This makes it possible to process 1.4 million orders in a second.

  • It is compatible with most of the devices

In order to access Binance platform, you don’t need to have a specific device. This is because you can now access it using most if the devices we have in the market, such as android, HTML, Macs and widows devices and so much more. This has made it possible for more people to trade digitally with Binance platform.

  • It is the cheapest crypto currency digital exchange platform

The Binance platform is one of the cheapest exchange platforms in the digital market so far. This is because you don’t need to pay any amount to create an account or to download the app. You also don’t need to pay any amount for any deposits made. The only charges are the exchange charges, that re only 0.1% of the coins you want to exchange.

  • Binance is ISO certified

Binance crypto currency exchange platform is the most safe and secure digital platform you can ever use. This is because it is ISO/ICO 2007-2013 certified. This means that it is internationally allowed as a digital market exchange body. This is an advantage for those who have been coned due to the flooding of crypto currency digital exchange platforms. It is the safest platforms you can ever use.