If you already have any hair salon business or planning to have one, then you will surely be interested to know how you can increase more regular customers so that your business can grow. In this post, we will try to provide you a few marketing ideas for this business that you may find useful to read.

  • Create something unique

To make a mark in this business you need to offer certain unique service that stands out from your other competitors.

You can visit the Bleen, which is an online directory for different Australian businesses and service providers where you can find many others that also offer similar services with whom you may compare the tradie. For instance, you may offer a family package to your customers with a certain discount.

  • Create your online presence

These days no business can prosper without having a strong online presence. Therefore, you must create an impressive and user-friendly website with all details about your services.

  • Send email letters to your website visitors

Try to identify all your visitors and send regular emails by providing information about your service, about your hairdresser, and how you are different from many other service providers in your locality.

  • Try to use social media sites

These days’ social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is very popular where almost everybody has accounts. If you can create your presence on these platforms then you can reach many people.

  • Offer referral discounts

Another very smart way you can generate more customers is by offering discounts to those who will refer someone else and who also become your new customer.

  • Use Google ads

These days, most service providers use Google ads where you may pay-per-click to generate your targeted customers. With this method, you can bring more visitors to your website.

  • Create a local network

Since your service will be limited within the local area hence it will surely help if you can create a strong local network to promote your business.

  • Offer coupons

By offering a discount coupon to all your customers, you too can generate repeat customers who will only visit your salon whenever they like to use such a service

  • Run holiday promotions

During holiday occasions people meet in a gathering and hence they will like to visit any salon. You can take this opportunity by offering a special discount during the holiday season.

  • Optimise your page for SEO

To get to the top of the list of any search engine results, your website must be optimised by using a few popular keywords related to your business. You may do proper keyword research.

  • Get reviews and testimonials from highly satisfied customers

You may request your satisfied customers to write positive reviews and testimonials that you can also include on your website.

You also need to create sufficient SEO backlinks to generate more traffics to your site. Therefore, you can use the Busyfox platform where you can publish blogs and articles about your service from time to time.