WordPress is the most widely used CMS technology for building websites. If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, then WordPress will do you much good in your business.

If you’re wondering how to build a WordPress website properly. Read on:

  1. Buy A domain Name And Hosting Space for your Website ‘Property’

So before you’ve even started the process, you’ll need to set up a domain and Hosting.

  1.1. How to buy a domain Name and Which One to Choose

There are many DNS providers. To list a few:

  • Google Domains
  • Name Cheap
  • Go Daddy
  • BuyDomains.com
  • Host Gator

According to Website Experts at Aleph Website, Name Cheap is the best option as it allows you to secure privacy and protects your domain spyware right from the start. Also, it is pretty cheap, as the name suggests.

Name Cheap also give you a free 1 month account if you wish to build a WordPress Website.

  1.2. Buy Hosting Provider – The Server that will deliver HTTPs requests

There are lots of Hosting Providers. Some popular ones are:

  • Blue Host
  • Host Gator
  • Site Ground
  • Google Cloud
  • Dream Host

Depending on how much traffic you’re gonna get, and the complexity of the website, you can find Hosting from $3/monthly to $200/monthly.

Aleph Website recommends Site Ground as it gives you a comprehensive tool for Caching and Security.

  2. Set up Your WordPress Account

Alright, so you have your DNS and Hosting on. It is time to build the actual website using WordPress technology.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) Technology. 

2.1. How To Setup Your Account and install a theme:

This process is best explained in the following video:

Type in Youtube: SiteGround WordPress Setup Tutorial For Beginners – New 2020 Interface

  2.2. WordPress as a tool for Marketing:

Content Marketing has been simplified with WordPress. You can use some great plugins that allow you optimize content and measure its performance easily. One such plugin is Yoast SEO.

Additionally, Youtube is PACKED with tutorials for each plugin so you won’t get lost. Just search for anything you’re doing and you’ll instantly find it.

To read the full article directly from Aleph Website, go to: HOW TO BUILD A WORDPRESS WEBSITE in 3 STEPS.

  3. Optimizing your WordPress Website

To save us some trouble, we choose the amazing Sam from Ahrefs do the explaining for us:

Type in Youtube: Ahrefs – How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website (Simple Guide)