Workers’ compensation is a complicated system and insurance companies have a strong team of lawyers to defend them. You must follow the process correctly and meet all the deadlines; otherwise, you reduce your chance of getting benefits. Moreover, insurance adjusters focus on saving their companies money through every step of the process. They use their knowledge of the system to their advantage. Insurance companies will want to avoid paying benefits entirely or pay you as little as possible. That is why you must have a tucson workers compensation laywer on your side. Your attorney will work to maximize the amount of benefit you get in your workers’ compensation claim

When to Contact a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

You may want to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer if you have been turned down for workers’ compensation benefits or if you are not satisfied with the medical treatment you are getting from the designated physician of your employer. An experienced Tucson lawyer can help you at any stage of the workers; compensation process. Some of the circumstances where you must seek help from a lawyer include:

  • Your boss did not acknowledge that your injury occurred while you were on the job.
  • You were not given the necessary medical treatment. 
  • The insurance company denied your claim.
  • You are left without an income.
  • Your boss does not have workers’ compensation insurance. 

How you Lawyer Will Deal with the Insurance Company

A reputable workers’ comp attorney in Tucson can help you if your claim is rejected or if the insurance company approved your claim for less than full benefits. They can send you to another doctor for a second opinion to have appropriate treatment recommendations if you still need treatment. This can also be an option to re-evaluate your injury, disability rating, and the restrictions from the physician of the insurance provider. Once they have strong supporting documentation, your attorney will review the settlement process and challenge the denial.