It can happen to anyone. An unexpected medical bill or a bill from the auto shop can leave you in a position where you need cash now.

If you have a structured settlement you receive monthly payments, but what if the payments aren’t enough to cover your urgent bill? A structured settlements company can help you get the cash you need today in one lump sum. Keep reading to learn how.

What Would You Do with Extra Cash? 

Everyone could use a little extra cash but if you have a structured settlement payment you receive your cash payments monthly instead of in one lump sum.

Luckily there are companies like this structured settlements company that can help you get cash now when you need it.

Cash payments over time may be better for the insurance company but it’s not what’s best for you.  Many people with structured settlements opt to receive a one-time lump sum from a company instead of waiting each month to collect their checks.

Let’s take a closer look at how this method works and if it can help you.

Regulations to Be Aware of

A while ago when people transferred their payments in exchange for a lump sum they were getting taken advantage of, but this isn’t the case anymore. These days there are laws and regulations that limit the way these transfers can be made to protect the consumer.

Courts will allow you to transfer some of your structured settlement cash or all of your future payments depending on how much cash you need. You also need to have a good reason for needing all the money at one time.

Unexpected medical bills, paying for college, or even putting a down payment on a home can be great reasons to take a lump sum payment. The important thing is that you can establish a need for the cash instead of just stating that you want it all now.

How it Works

You may be asking yourself how does this works and if so, you are not alone. A structured settlement company will buy your settlement payments or annuity from you. They take over receiving the monthly payments and they give you the cash you need upfront.

Many companies provide top dollar for your payments and some companies even promise to beat their competitor’s offers.

Shop around until you find the right structured settlements company for your needs and to get the best offer.

A Structured Settlements Company Can Help

Structured settlements company are an easy way to convert your monthly payments into cash in full when you need it fast. If you have an annuity or structured settlement cash and you need cash now, they can help.

With all the rules and regulations put in place, there are many more protections for consumers these days than in the past. Shop around until you find a company that will work with you and gives you the best deal.

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