Construction is a significant part of Colorado’s economy; however, it is also one of the most dangerous occupations. Construction site accidents account for a huge percentage of the work-related deaths reported every year. As construction workers are surrounded by building materials, machinery, and tools, they could face hazards at any given time. Those who have been injured on a construction site can seek compensation for their injuries with the help of Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys. The following are the most common types of construction site accidents:

Slip and Falls

Usually, construction works are required to work at very high heights, in windows, on scaffolding and ladders, and on roofs. Falls from these heights account for more than 30% of all on-the-job deaths of construction workers. Slip and falls can also happen from stray tools and materials as well as an uneven ground or holes.


Construction sites are a work in progress. Because of this, there are usually power lines, exposed wiring, and unfinished electrical systems around. Workers who come into contact with these could have shocked or electrocuted. 

Object Strike

Construction sites are constantly in motion with a lot of people and equipment coming and going. There are loose objects that can fall and debris on the site, as well as cranes, ladders, and scaffolding necessary for getting the job done. Moving, shifting, and or falling objects can get workers injured. Also, workers can be caught between huge equipment and a collapsed structure that can lead to their body being squeezed, compressed, or crushed between object parts. If a worker is caught in running machinery and equipment, they can get strangled. 

Trench Collapses

Trenches are usually necessary on construction sites. When trenches collapse while workers are inside, they could cause them to be hit with machinery, tools, or materials. In fact, collapsed trenches can bury workers in the surrounding dirt.