Some of the IT industry does not believe in code analysis and still depending on the traditional testing method. But, the testing method is not capable to find out the errors and vulnerabilities in the application. Using the traditional testing method, a developer will not find out multi-tiered, multiple technology infrastructures, architecture complex, and other component interactions. The result of using this technology is that your IT industry may face:

  • Failure to fulfill compliance needs
  • Maintenance efforts which are increased
  • Higher IT costs
  • Decreased reliability or performance 
  • Inability to stand with architecture standards
  • Business disruptions frequently

For getting more benefits with software projects, it is good to use traditional testing methods with code analysis. The code analysis tool is designed for measuring the size, existing risk factors, and complexity of the source code which finds out the errors and other defects. 

Code analysis is the analysis of the source code of a software project and it is performed without executing the source code and programs. Code analysis is the process of software development life cycle which finds out the functional errors and detects vulnerabilities. This process of the life cycle is carried out in the starting phase when the software is not deployed to the customers. 

The use of code analysis tools mainly depends on IT companies. If such companies use this tool in the starting phase of software development, then all defects and errors will be found out. Otherwise, at the last stage of software development, the use of a code analysis tool gives a large number of error lists and system downtime start which may also cause compliance failure and security issues. 

There are four types of code analysis that you should know. Each type of software code analysis has an impact on the source code. Performance, reliability, security, and style are the types of code analysis and improve the functionality of your source code. Code analysis is also done so that all measures and standards made by the IT industry will be made. 

Now, a developer thinks that which code analysis tool is best and how to use it. The functioning of the code analysis tool is given on the website. Here, a list is given of effective and commercial tools that are used by various top-rated IT companies. 

  1. Parasoft Watchtower
  2. Embold
  3. Reshift
  4. Raxis
  5. Kiuwan
  6. OWASP Code Crawler
  7. OWASP Orizon RIPS Technologies
  8. PVS – Studio
  9. Visual Expert
  10. CAST
  11. Understand
  12. CodeSonar
  13. Code compare
  14. Clang Static Analyzer
  15. CppDepend
  16. Klocwork
  17. Veracode
  18. CodeScene Behavioral Code Analysis
  19. Fortify Static Code Analyzer
  20. Coverity
  21. Sourcemeter
  22. ConQAT
  23. JArchitect
  24. OCLint
  25. Helix QAC
  26. CppCheck
  27. Goanna
  28. Polyspace