The easiest way to be scammed out of your money is to look for instant wealth when investing. There’s no shortcut to time and maturity in making solid investment decisions.

There are financial products that gain a higher return faster, but they also come with the same amount of risk as they do opportunity. If you’re looking for investment opportunities, here are several tried and true strategies to grow your money exponentially over the long term.

Index Funds

One of the trendier financial products, index funds is taking the investing community by storm. Many young Americans are using index funds to retire well ahead of their scheduled age.

Index funds are a type of mutual fund that tracks stock market performance. The reason index funds are so attractive is that they’re a lot cheaper than buying into mutual funds.

There’s a wide range to choose from that have little to no management fees. Mutual funds are commonly criticized because a relatively large portion of your investment goes to the fund manager instead of the actual shares you want to buy.

This is a trade-off that’s worth it if you prefer active management. But many investors prefer using Robo investing where their money is automatically traded based on the performance of the stock market overall.

The stock market’s average return is around 10 percent over the long term which means index funds are guaranteed to increase in value by the same measure. It’s slow growth but equals big profit when you factor in dollar-cost averaging.


You’ve probably heard that real estate is the fastest way to grow your net worth without winning the lottery. But not every investor has the time or cash flow to invest in physical property.

Enter REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts. These are real estate financial products that are traded on the stock exchange.

You can buy into a trust that manages a mix of real estate properties. When the investment firm profits or earns cash flow, the shareholders receive a dividend payment.

This is a great way to get into real estate investing without actually investing your money.


When a company needs to borrow money, one way they raise capital is by selling bonds. You can invest in bonds from a variety of government and private organizations.

Bonds payout when the borrower repays their debt. Usually, there’s a conservative amount of interest involved but if you spend a lot on bonds, your returns increase exponentially.

Some people get financing from places like Rightway Funding before investing.

Finding the Right Financial Products

Financial products are abundant. You’ll find dozens of product options on the stock market alone.

Take your time and do your own due diligence to learn when accounts make the most sense for your long term goals. Many financial advisors are paid on commission which can influence the products they share with you.

You’ll find success when you diversify and maintain the self-discipline to wait out your investments over the long term. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.