A sign for the store is a great tool that can attract customers 24 hours a day. Of course, if you approach her choice wisely. It is no secret that successful trading depends not only on product quality, salesperson’s professionalism and store location. An important role is played by the sign, which informs people on the street that your store is located here, and turns casual passers-by into customers. One may always take the help of the www.yoursignco.com, in order to avail various services.

The signboard should:

Comply with all regulatory requirements – advertising legislation, requirements of city authorities, technical regulations. For example, in, the placement of signs is regulated by a decree of the Government of No. 902-PP. In particular, it stipulates that signs must be safe and comply with building codes, not violate the architectural and building appearance of the city. In addition, signs should not overlap house numbers and street names, they should not be placed in window openings and on balconies, as well as near memorial plaques (the minimum distance is a meter).

The aspect of quality is always assured

If you doubt that your sign meets all standards, contact the experts. In any case, the placement of the sign will need to be coordinated.Attract attention. That is, on the one hand, the sign should be large enough so that it can be seen from afar, but on the other – it cannot be larger than the dimensions specified in the requirements.When creating a sketch of a sign, be sure to think about how it will look on the ground, for example, whether trees or structures do not overlap it. Remember that the sign should be well read from different angles and from different distances.Give a clear idea of ​​what products your store offers. To do this, on the sign you need to place the store name, logo and a few words about the products.However, in order to create a truly excellent sign, meeting these requirements is not enough.

Types of signs for the store: from classic to creative design

Whatever sign you choose, it should be nice looking, harmonious and proportionate. And then a lot depends on your requirements, directions of work and wishes.For example, in general, signs can be divided into light and non- illuminated. Non-illuminated signs have no internal or external illumination. LED modules are placed inside the illuminated sign, and from the outside, the sign can be illuminated, for example, with halogen, metal halide lamps on brackets or hidden fluorescent lamps.Flat – the easiest type of non-illuminated sign can alsobe highlighted from the outside.Also, PVC can be used to create flat signboards with a vinyl film applied with full color printing.