What are white collar crimes? Just as the name suggests; the white collar is used to mean work related to an office while a crime is an offence or an act of lawlessness. Thus on a combination of the two terms, we can describe white collar crimes as non-violent crimes caused in an office or an organization that are money motivated. White collar crimes have always been an epitome of corruption, of which a company or a person wants to gain more through illegal and dubious means. Different countries have different forms of white collar crimes but here are some of the major crimes that can be found all around the world.

  1. Cybercrimes

This is a crime that involves a computer and network. The persons committing the crime is usually on a mission to intentionally dent the image or the reputation of another person or an organization in a  criminal way. This is commonly done by firms or people in the competition so that once the reputation of a company or a person is destroyed, then they can gain. This is one of the most practiced crimes, and it has gone to a greater extent, where high profile crimes are committed which include child pornography, hacking and so much more.

  1. Bribery

This is a prevalent crime found in many countries. Bribery can be defined as the pouring out of goods or money to a person or an organization with the purpose or aim of alteration of behavior or the use of unscrupulous means to get a favor. This vice has drained many countries’ economies.

  1. Tax evasion

This is a very common happening in white collar crimes. Big firms and organizations majorly do it to want to obtain more returns. Taxes are the anchor of a country’s development, and everyone is liable to pay their taxes. When many companies or organizations are involved in this vice, then this can result in the death of the growth and development of a country, which should be minimized by the relevant authorities.

These are just but a few of the many anchors of white collar crimes. As you have seen all these white collar crimes are majorly caused by the selfishness of the persons or firms involved. To curb the white collar crimes then a country needs to put forth firm legislative measures that will minimize the white collar crimes. For more info you can check out www.elliottsauter.com.