One of the toughest decisions for businesses to make whenever they need to attend a trade show is whether they should opt for a display rental or purchase one. The truth is there is no correct answer to this question, and ultimately the path taken must be based on an in-depth evaluation of the situation. In doing this, there are lots of fundamental questions that must be answered before a practical path is taken. Overly, renting and purchasing a trade show display have their distinct advantages and disadvantages that must be equally considered.

When to opt for trade show display rentals

  1. There is a tight budget, and the business cannot meet large upfront expenses. According to the experts at ExpoMarketing, rentals come handy for companies that want to attend a trade show but are low on cash. Instead of overstretching the budgetary limits and purchasing a display, rentals allow the business to make a trade show appearance on a budget.
  2. There is the possibility of rebranding. As a company that is facing the possibility of rebranding in the near future, renting a display is the most viable option. This is because it provides the flexibility of transitioning without much hassle after changes have rebranding has been done.
  3. Rentals are a channel for experimenting with different designs. Businesses will equally find renting trade show displays as a way of having a hands-on experience with various designs before settling on one. This is great for companies that want to see how well they can work with changing exhibit spaces without the costs of purchasing several displays.

When to purchase a trade show display

  1. When a business is after long-term value as they regularly attend trade shows. As a company that is ever on the road from one trade show to the other, the maximum value will be gained by purchasing a display. Rentals might save a company from the initial costs of purchase, but when done frequently, it becomes too costly. On the other hand, once a company has bought a display, it is ever ready to attend the next trade show without any inconveniences.
  2. There is a need to take charge of all the details through customization. One of the primary aims of any business attending a trade show is to stand out from the crowd, and this can only be achieved by having a unique display. By deciding to purchase a display, a business gets to be in control and determine the specifications of these all-important structures. The love for customized trade show exhibits is primarily because of how it gives a business the power to make the best first impression to all attendees. 


It takes a lot of evaluation of the factors at hand to determine the best choice for a company that wants to have a display for an upcoming trade show. Regardless of the decision one makes, the most important factor must be the quality of the exhibit that one will use for the event. It is for this reason why companies must stop at nothing in finding a reliable and trustworthy partner to provide them with top-quality displays.