• good diction
  • creativity
  • agility
  • computer knowledge


Being proactive is a characteristic that should be sought in any professional such as Hit Rate Solutions for example, regardless of the area. For the call center, it is no different. Just imagine the following situation: let’s assume that the script adopted by your team has been considered outdated by most professionals, which leads to the dissatisfaction of customers or potential customers who come into contact. A proactive professional has the opportunity to identify this gap, find improvements to the conversation script and propose changes focusing on their analysis (taken through data from conversations with the audience itself).

If a person does his job without necessarily worrying about bringing improvements to his functions and demands, his business ceases to be competitive over time. For this reason, looking for the best talents to compose your team is always important.

Continuous Search For Knowledge

As well as proactivity, the continuous search for knowledge, Live Chat and Email Outsourcing must be considered when hiring a call center professional. Among the differentials of the training, an increase in productivity stands out, and new opportunities for improvement can be implemented at any time by the team, in addition to ensuring more efficiency in the service provided.

Growing companies should consider this a top priority. After all, along with an increasingly robust customer base, new challenges come. For example, if your business aims at internationalization, it is necessary to have a team concerned with improving your fluency in different languages. Do you agree? In the same way, that customer service must be improved at all times so that customers and potential leads feel this difference between competitors,

Emotional Intelligence

According to psychology, emotional intelligence is the ability to deal with emotions and feelings, both personally and of other individuals. Why is this so important for a call center professional? Check out some differences:

  • Development of faster and more fluid lines of reasoning;
  • guarantee that the person will know how to receive feedback well and work on the demands based on the points identified for their development;
  • opportunity to deal better with unforeseen events, especially in more problematic calls that demand more flexibility from professionals;
  • better conflict management, among others.

In a call center, being patient should also be an important point for employee development. And patience is directly linked with emotional intelligence. If the person responds harshly to a service, in addition to having the risk of losing that contact, it also brings a loss to the business, which can deal with crisis management (especially if it becomes public).

For this reason, even if you already have a structured team, look for market training related to the topic. In the selection process, ask questions that allow the candidate to demonstrate situations in which he needs to demonstrate emotional intelligence and control over his attitudes since this will contribute significantly to assessing whether the professional is, in fact, qualified for the vacancy in question.

Finally, it is worth remembering that, after hiring, the company has a fundamental role in making the most of the call center’s skills, offering the necessary technologies so that it performs its functions as expected. He must have a deep knowledge of the product or service offered and the company’s objectives so that there is engagement.