After-sales service is an area in which companies are interested in innovating: 72% of consumers demand more efficient customer service. For a company, after-sales or after-sales service must be a strategic lever for customer satisfaction and loyalty. It allows to :

  • build a relationship of trust with them
  • enhance the brand image
  • and effectively differentiate themselves from the competition

Conversely, poor quality customer service and lack of responsiveness can negatively impact a company’s business and reputation. Here are our tips for better Sales Team Development for Small Businesses and management of your after-sales service to make it more satisfying for your customers in the long term.

Your After-Sales Service Acts As A Profit Center

For many companies such as cultivate advisors for example, customer service is still considered a cost center today. However, this erroneous vision tends to change. Retaining a customer is now recognized as less expensive than recruiting it on average; acquiring a customer costs 7 times more than capitalizing on an existing one.

Thus, customer satisfaction and loyalty become key issues for companies, which rest, among other things, in the hands of customer service. On the other hand, it has been proven that the quality of after-sales service has an important influence on the purchase decision and sales. The after-sales service must then be considered a profit center for the company, insofar as the quality of the service, and more generally of the customer relationship, is a central element for the company, influencing its image of the brand only on its financial results.

Customer Service Is A Profit Center

An after-sales service acting as a profit center must operate efficiently. To do this, it is important to free time for advisers to process low-value-added requests so that they can focus on high-value-added requests, such as providing answers to critical requests or presenting new offers and additional sales to customers.

This optimization of the advisers’ time and work organization can be facilitated thanks to self-care and the various tools that can be put in place by following this strategy: chatbot, dynamic FAQ, etc.

Personalize The Customer Relationship With CRM Software

A CRM solution is a tool that allows, among other things, to centralize all exchanges with advisors and information about your customers. It is a centralized database accessible to all company employees whose access rights can be administered. Thanks to the traceability of customer data and their history, the work of advisers in managing contacts is facilitated with better customer knowledge.