Whether you’re running an online business or talking about subject matter that’s close to your heart, writing a blog has to be the best way for you to be heard, especially if you’re using a platform like WordPress.

And just like any form of writing, blog writing involves discipline and a burning passion for the craft itself. Anyone can churn out a 1,000-word article and get paid for it, but it requires a specific set of skills to create articles that engage a multitude of readers.

That said, let’s take a look at a few important elements of writing quality and relevant blogs.

1. Research and insight

Writing blogs is all about imparting knowledge, and not just common knowledge either. People thirst for something new everyday, so it makes perfect sense to give them information they haven’t encountered before.

Indeed, there’s always a lot of information buried underneath the basics. Research brings them to the surface for your audience to consume. Sure enough, great writing is not rooted in guesswork. You will have to spend time researching the trends that matter to your audience.

A simple Google search of the most important topics of the day should come before the first draft. You also need to learn a lot about the topic you’re writing. Your audience wants a buffet of information, not bland content.

2. Consistent style

How do you structure your sentences? What tone do you usually use in your blog articles? Do you inject humor even in technical pieces? Do you make liberal use of the passive voice?

Style refers to how you package your ideas into consumable product for your audience. It is also what sets writers apart.

Everyone uses a certain style of writing. They adopt it as an extension of their identity. Having said that, your uniqueness is determined by the style you use. Readers will recognize you if they’re familiar with the way you write. This would make it easier for you build an online readership.

Consistency is the key to building a blog that has dedicated followers. Regardless of your industry, you need to create articles that have the same tone and style throughout. You need to be able show consistency in your work, for example you need to deliver the minimum number of characters required by a client which is why you need to use a character counter to help you be more efficient and accurate with the number of characters.

3. Backend expertise

Surprisingly, writing accounts for only half of the effort and resources you need to put together a quality blog. The other half involves keeping your blog running smoothly and increasing its visibility online.

Website maintenance is crucial to enhancing user experience so people won’t navigate away from your website. Other than that, search engine optimization should also be a point of focus for getting more organic visits.

SEO keyword research is crucial for seeking out new fans for your blog. Local SEO strategies help you target specific groups of people based on location and industry. When building a list of keywords to use, you can find local long-tail keywords which should display your blog articles on the first page of the search engine results. Visit sites like BestSEOCompanies.com if you are looking for companies to help with your local search campaign.

Having the right amount of technical know-how should help make your blog highly searchable within your market.

A lot of patience and effort is put into blog writing. So, if you’re growing your customer base or impacting the lives of others, it’s best to build a quality blog that has a lot to say about what’s close to your heart.