All of us have dreamed about building a home business that is profitable and rewarding. Just think about it, no boss, plenty of time for you and your family and the ability to save money (no gas for that awful commute, no expensive work clothes and fresh hot lunches straight from your kitchen).

Sample for native ads examples is like, Now you’re thinking, “Okay everybody dreams about it but how do I go about implementing it?” In Holly Cotter’s course “Secrets Of Multiple Passive Profit Streams,” you will learn exactly how to create your own very profitable home business.

Although the course is not cheap, it was worth every penny to establish my financial freedom and should give me a secure future. Holly details how to build your business with internet websites with every step explained thoroughly. And you do not need extensive computer knowledge.

I am technology challenged and Holly’s course was easy to follow and use. The course comes on audio and video CD’s and work books so you can really study every step involved in building websites that generate profits. Her system allows you to set up websites on the internet that you can walk away from and let the computer do the work. This allows you more time to set up additional websites.

Years ago Holly was a Child Care Worker with little income and struggling to pay bills. Then her husband had a massive heart attack and could not work, leaving Holly to care for him and having her parents to pay the mortgage.

It was then she decided to build a home business that would free her from the “hand-to-mouth” syndrome. And, yes she fell for some of the “get rich quick” schemes until she hit on her highly profitable system. All of her research and hard work paid off, she received the Top Business Developer Award in 2000.

Her system takes a truly hands-on-approach that I’ve never seen in any other Marketing gurus eBooks, courses or seminars. And just like Holly, I’ve purchased many other systems that just didn’t live up to what they advertised. With “Secrets of Multiple Passive Profit Streams” you can build your first website in about a day and it gets easier and takes less time with each one you create.

It will take a little time to learn all of the intricacies of building your website but once you “get it” you’ll be building websites and profit streams quickly and easily.

In her course Holly asserts that anyone, regardless of their business or profession can use this proven system to build their own Passive Profit Streams. When I first read about this course I was skeptical because of my limited computer knowledge. After going through the CD’s and work books however, Holly’s claim that anyone can be successful with this system is 100% right on.

The only thing I felt that would make this course even better is a few more hints on finding specific markets to pursue.

I feel totally comfortable telling you that “Secrets of Multiple Passive Profit Streams” fulfilled the promises it made to me in the sales literature with nothing left unanswered.

If you are serious about breaking free from the 9 to 5 rat race, Holly’s course is a “must get”. If you want to quickly learn how to build profitable websites, then I give “Secrets of Multiple Passive Profit Streams my highest recommendation and a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

In addition to this valuable course you get one full year of monthly coaching calls from Holly and further access to her on the student forum and help desk. This is a very fair and impressive package. Holly sincerely wants everyone to be successful. Holly continues to teach various ways of building passive profits and strategies to her students.

For more information on Holly Cotters “Secrets of Multiple Passive Profit Streams” please visit

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Magnon International Provides Up To Date Web Technologies And Tools

Magnon International provides a full range of web solution services to all its clientele viz. the Web Designing and Web Development services, Creative Outsourcing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing and Website Maintenance Services.

Magnon International offers a range of web technologies. The following is the list of some of the web technologies carried out by Magnon International:

  • Database

Database technology such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS Access is offered.

  • Platform

Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX platform technology is used.

  • Web Technologies

In terms of the server, web technology such as the PHP, Perl CGI, Ruby on Rails, C#, , , ColdFusion, Java is offered by Magnon International whereas on the client side CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, VB Script, Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, Ajax, XML is used.

  • Software Tools (not limited to)

Magnon International uses a number of software tools such as Flash MX, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Corel Draw etc.

  • Blogs and forums

For the blogs and forums, Magnon International makes use of WordPress, Media Wiki, phpBB etc.

  • Chat systems

At Magnon International, there is assimilation of nearly all the important chat systems.

  • CMS solutions

The technology offered for the Content Management System are Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, PHP Nuke, CMS made easy, PhpMyDirectory, Kentico, DNN and Ektron.

  • E-commerce solutions

The web technology used by Magnon International for delivering the ecommerce solutions is PHP ZenCart, osCommerce, xCart, Lite Commerce, Easy Cart etc.

  • Payment gateways

Paypal, , Protx, WorldPay, Click Bank, Click 2 Sell, CC Avenue, google checkout, egold etc. are used.

  • Website frameworks

The technology behind the website frameworks used by Magnon International is CakePHP, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Horde, JAMP, Symfony etc.

Thus, Magnon International provides the state of the art technology to all its clients.