Lately, because of evolution in technology and easy access of people to the electronic and virtual world, many spheres like finance and banking went under huge changes and required new types of services. However currently the global community is facing many different online platforms with a possibility to provide users with financial and banking services totally in online format. In this regard, we want to write about Atom Bank, its features and how its special mobile app can affect people’s lives. 

Atom Bank 

As mentioned above, Atom is providing users with special financial services, totally in online format and without any paperwork. Atom Bank is the first UK app-based bank that is allowing users to have most of the banking services but in online format. One of the significant points about Atom is that because they don’t have any branches and dont need to spend any money in this case, Atom can offer better rates to its users. Also Atom is offering customers two different types of saving plans, Instant and Fixed; so in this case any individuals or companies with different circumstances can gain saving percentages by this platform. Additionally, Atom bank is providing users with a possibility to have mortgages; with the best rates and special guides to choose the best options, users can gain the perfect mortgages that they need. It is worthy to mention that beside all mentioned services and features, Atom is providing businesses with different types of loans that can help industries especially in difficult times like pandemic. 

The Mobile App of Atom 

Maybe writing about Bank in one app, totally in online format, can sound not serious and look unbelievable; however currently users are able to download the special mobile app of Atom bank that is available in App Store and Google Play, and start to manage their funds and gain necessary banking services in an online way. In the way of using the Atom bank app, after downloading the app, users will need to register and use their face, voice and a passcode to set up a perfect secure account for future comfort. It is worthy to mention that Atom bank is awarded for its customer services and the easy to use mobile app. All mentioned services and features above, can be available for users by Atom Bank app without any fees and charges.  


Definitely, we all know that the world is changing and the daily global community is requiring new types of services and needs. The idea of having a bank totally in online format is showing that we are moving to a new level in the case of financial services, especially in the near future. We believe that platforms and apps like Atom can be a huge part in our future financial and banking activities.