As more and more companies modernize, it is often that you encounter Paperless AP systems. They provide a lot of benefits when implemented correctly. When not, however, they can prove to be a bit of a headache. Below are some of the mistakes that you should look out for and avoid to the best of your abilities to ensure that the AP workflow is smooth.

  1. Not adjusting to the new system

You may have read about the horror stories involving a paperless AP workflow being implemented but the company still failing to produce positive results. This is the case when not everyone in the company is on board with the change. If a sizeable group of people isn’t going to adjust to the new system, then the system falls apart. This could be something as major as people still sticking to their paper methods and could be something as small as doing everything electronically while still maintaining physical copies.

  1. Keeping all paper files

The point of paperless AP systems is to completely rid the company of the need of having to keep any paper files. If the company still keeps their paper files, then employees may be more resistant to change. When the company itself isn’t fully committing to the implementation of a paperless AP workflow then why should everyone working in it fully commit? It is a good idea to keep a physical backup of all data, but make sure that access is only permitted if there are any lost data in the process of transitioning.

  1. Failure to inform everyone of the implementation

Implementing a paperless AP workflow is a good idea. Doing it through a sudden rollout, however, is not. It is vital for the implementation that everyone who is directly affected by it is fully informed of what will happen. When they lose the papers that they have in their drawers, where should they go to find the data that they need? When processing payments using the company’s payment data, where do they get the data if they don’t have the physical copies? This is also the best way to convince everyone to fully onboard.

  1. Having expectations that aren’t realistic

Even though paperless AP systems have been proven to be successful and have given many companies the uptick that they were hoping for, everyone in the company should still have realistic expectations. There is no one easy way to solve a problem that a company may have. A failing company that expects paperless AP systems to fix everything that is broken internally, even those outside the workflow, will be headed for disaster.

  1. Not dispelling rumors and dissipating fear

A common rumor that may start to float around when a company decides to implement a paperless system is that people will start losing their jobs left and right. This isn’t actually the case unless the company, from the start, was looking for a way to dismiss a handful of their employees. Make sure that no rumors float around that could make people fearful of an actual positive change.

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