Earlwood is fast becoming a favourite place to live in by people in New South Wales. Its proximity to the southwest area of the Sydney central business district made it a preferred place of residence for households wanting to experience a peaceful and calm neighbourhood without going far from the city proper. Aside from the numerous parks and gardens like Gough Whitlam Park, you may also find plenty of local businesses in Earlwood. Healthcare facilities, including dental and orthodontic clinics, are also operating all over the area. Streets like Homer St. and William St. are lined up with various orthodontic clinics to serve patients with oral health issues. Finding trusted Earlwood Orthodontists will never be a problem if you live in the suburb. 

If you want to get any orthodontic treatments in Earlwood, you need to ensure that you have an idea about the treatments you may receive from the healthcare provider. So before visiting the orthodontist’s clinic, here are several questions that you need to ask the doctor first to understand the procedures. 

Question #1: What are the possible treatment options? 

During your initial consultation with the orthodontist, you need to ask the doctors to enumerate the treatments that you may need to fix your oral health issues. It will help you know which works best for your needs and preferences. Depending on your problems, your doctor will also let you know how many proceedings you can get simultaneously. 

One of the first things that your orthodontist will discuss is the best way to strengthen your teeth and correct your bite. But if the idea of wearing braces makes you feel uncomfortable, your doctor may recommend giving you clear aligners to address your issue. The doctor will also discuss getting coloured or clear braces if you are concerned about your appearance. 

Question #2: Can You Provide Examples of Related Cases? 

If you want to feel at ease about your upcoming treatment in this hometown, you may ask Earlwood Orthodontists to show you several pictures or videos of previous cases similar to yours from their past patients. It will give you a better picture of what you are about to get. 

Most orthodontists keep examples of before and after photos of their clients for this purpose. They will gladly show the photos to you if you ask for them. But even after you go over the pictures, you must still keep in mind that there are no two cases alike. Even if you and the other patients have the same issues, it does not mean that you can get the same treatment plan. The doctor will help you customise your treatment based on your needs. 

Question #3: What are the changes that are needed after the procedure? 

While most orthodontic treatments do not necessarily change all the aspects of your daily life, they may affect several things after going through the procedures. Therefore, you need to discuss it with the doctor to ensure that it will not alter the results. 

One of the significant changes that your doctor will ask you to take is to improve your dental hygiene. Regular brushing will be one of the main instructions provided by the orthodontist. They will also proffer a list of food you can and cannot eat and activities after the procedure. 

These are some of the most important inquiries that you need to ask your orthodontist. Knowing more information about what you have to get will allow you to have a successful dental procedure.