Are you hoping to improve your sales this year by making your Amazon store stand out? While Amazon is a powerful tool for sellers, it’s also easy to get lost in the sea of merchants in this crowded marketplace. 

For some awesome tips for selling on Amazon that can help you optimize the way you use this platform, keep reading. In this guide, we’ll go over some key things you can do to boost your sales this year. 

  1. Excel at Customer Service 

To keep your customers happy, offering excellent service is key. Additionally, Amazon prioritizes customer service, and it can affect your ranking on the site. If you offer delayed customer service or no customer service at all, you can risk your product’s visibility on the platform which will keep people from finding and buying your products. 

Also, the more people purchase your products, the better your ranking. If your customers love your products and are happy with how you serve them, you can rank higher and higher until you list as one of Amazon’s best sellers. The better you are at customer service, the more likely you will get better reviews and ratings, which can also affect your sales as social proof is key to sales on this platform. 

Respond to feedback and reviews in a timely manner, even if the reviews are negative. Make sure that you are answering any questions your customers may have regarding your product while also making sure you make things right with customers that are unsatisfied. Customer service also extends to your shipping times and return policy. 

  1. Keep Your Pricing Competitive 

When it comes to pricing your products, you want to do some competitor research to see what products and brands similar to yours are selling for. It’s important to find a good medium. If your prices are too high, customers are likely to find a cheaper option, whereas if your products are cheaper than others in the search results then people may think they are of lesser value. 

  1. Show Your Products in the Best Light 

To make your products stand out from others on the site, you want to make sure your product page content is optimized. Your images should be clear and high-quality but also within Amazon’s image requirements. While your main image has to be against a white background, you can get a little more creative with your other images. 

Consider adding lifestyle photos that show your product in use. You may also consider adding a product video that shows your product in use or shows the details of your product. This allows customers to imagine using the products themselves, which will increase the likelihood that they make a purchase with you. 

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Top Tips for Selling on Amazon 

If you’re trying to boost your profits on this platform this year, make sure to keep these tips for selling on Amazon in mind. There are tons of ways you can reevaluate your efforts to boost your ranking and draw in new customers. 

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