Cyper Security refers to processes, the body of technologies, and practices that are designed in order to protect programs, devices, networks and data from damage, attack or unauthorized access. Information technology security is the other name for cyber security.

Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is very important for the military, government, financial, medical and corporate organizations to store, process and collect data.  A higher portion of the data achieved can be sensitive information whether they are financial data, intellectual property, or personal data or any other kind of data that may have a negative impact on the person or organization if the data is accessed in an unauthorized manner. Not to forget it also jeopardizes the competency of organizations. Much information is transferred across different networks or devices in the course of doing business, and the security of cyberspace decides the rules that need to be followed in order to protect the information that is being transferred and the system or the device where the data is being stored. With the increase in cyber-attacks, organizations are made cautious and security is enhanced to protect information related to health or finance. Organizations have also been cautioned by the top intelligence officials of the nation that cyber-attacks are the top threat for a nation even more dangerous than terrorism.

Problems faced for the Security of Cyberspace

Securing cyberspace has certain challenges before it begins to run efficiently. The challenges faced are:

  1. Application security
  2. Networks security
  3. Data security
  4. Endpoint security
  5. Cloud security
  6. Database and infrastructure security
  7. Mobile security
  8. Identity management

The information provided above proves that securing the Cyberspace is of paramount importance. Thus, everybody should abide by the rules concerning the same.