The soft tissues of your system, including your muscles, connective tissue, muscles, ligaments, and skin, are worked on during massage treatment by a skilled, qualified medical professional massage therapist. Variable tension and movement are used by the massage therapist. In integrative medicine, massage is frequently included. As a complementary therapy to normal care, medical facilities are increasingly offering it. Many different medical disorders may be treated with it. Our body can get several advantages from massage therapy when it is administered by a skilled massage therapist. However, there are some circumstances in which massage cannot be given to any region of the body. The client is unable to have a massage due to safety concerns for both the patient and, in some circumstances, the massage therapist and other customers (such as when the patient has communicable diseases). Instead, patients must be directed to a physician or medical professional. Here are a few examples:

A high fever

Patients who have a substantial fever, defined as one that is higher than 100.4 °F or 38 °C, cannot have a massage. It is best to postpone getting a massage if you are unwell and have a fever until you feel better. Most persons who have a fever are doing so because they are battling a potentially contagious viral or bacterial infection.


The immediate aftermath of major surgery should not be used for massage. Any surgical technique that enters and reveals a body cavity, any orthopedic procedure, or substantial tissue transaction or segmentation has the potential to result in long-term anatomical or physiological impairment.

Acute headache

If a person has early symptoms of a severe headache without a diagnosis, massage is not advised. If the person also has numbness, tingling, or fatigue, they should also be referred to a doctor.

Infectious disease

If a customer has a communicable, airborne, viral infection like the flu, a cold, a throat infection from strep throat, measles, etc., massage is inappropriate and should be rescheduled to safeguard the professional and other massage clients.

Severe illness

People with advanced atherosclerosis should avoid massage therapy. A kind of arteriosclerosis known as atherosclerosis causes the artery walls to thicken and lose their flexibility.


Massage is not permitted on meningitis patients. Meningitis can be communicable in addition to being a potentially fatal infection since it affects the nervous system and spinal cord.

Bleeding disorder

It is not advised for patients with severe hemophilia to have massage therapy. An inherited hemorrhagic condition called hemophilia induces variable degrees of uncontrolled bleeding. In persons with severe and moderate hemophilia, even a little injury to the tendons or joints can result in internal bleeding (in the joints and the muscles). In conclusion, avoid scheduling a massage appointment if you are going through any of the following:
  • Feel feverish
  • Were injured in a collision recently
  • Feel queasy or sick
  • Are severely sunburned, and have sores, rashes, or bruises.
In these situations, it’s crucial to initially stabilize your medical state. You can call to make an appointment with PRESS Modern Massage, a medical massage therapy studio in Brooklyn, New York, after you’ve healed or when the disease is being managed by a doctor who believes massage would be beneficial. Generally speaking, medical issues or ailments may need modifying the massage approach or duration of the session by the professional.

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