Application software has helped small business owners save money by not having to hire full or part-time staff to handle certain tasks. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can reduce tasks and save time.

The ERP for small business come in software for different industries and tasks.

Are you looking into adding ERP solutions to your business solutions? Keep reading for five choices when looking for the best ERP for a small business.

  1. Apprise is the Best ERP for Small Business Manufacturers

Apprise offers a full suite of software solutions to help small businesses. Their fully integrated solutions help manage the manufacturing process from creation to distribution.

It is a cloud-based application that allows for advanced technologies and total access around the clock.

A huge plus is its wireless capabilities for warehouse management.  You’ll have the capacity to control the location of merchandise at your fingertips. Plus, create EDI compliant packing slips.

  1. Epicor is Best for Wholesalers

Epicor implementation is fast and easy to learn and operate. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or the number of locations.

The program is designed to help small businesses run efficiently and save money. It will improve your client relationships by improving order and fulfillment management.

Epicor solutions also streamline inventory management and will help cut down on or eliminate inventory losses. Your inventory chain is controlled by the app and shows it’s movement from arrival to exit.

  1. BCFood Tops the List in the Food Industry

Due to the constant changes in the food industry, restaurant owners can benefit from ERP implementation. BC Food is an awesome solution for independent restaurant owners.

BCFood provides real-time data. It covers everything from tracking grower data to creating recipes,

The program allows business owners to have full buy-in to the implementation process. They recognize it is your business and as the owner, you understand your vision and desired outcomes.

Food compliance is a key feature and BCFood ensures you are on top of all industry regulations. Being in compliance when it comes to food safety can be the difference between a restaurant keeping their doors open.

  1. Dynamics NAV is Multi-functional

Dynamics NAV is a fully integrated solution using Microsoft 365. It is a multi-functional software for small businesses. It encompasses accounting, purchasing, general ledgers, and warehosue management.

It is compatible with any industry.

  1. UA Business Software Covers Accounting and Cloud-based Software 

UA Business Software can eliminate the need for a small business to have full-time account receivables and payables employees. This fully integrated accounting ERP gives business owners the option to outsource their accounting duties.

Everything you need is maintained within the program giving you full access at all times.

Choose the Best ERP for Your Business

The best ERP for small business needs depends on the company. The programs are based on the areas you want to streamline and automate.

As a business owner, there are many trends to keep up with. our business section has you covered. Check back often for informative articles to help you navigate through the ever-changing business landscape.