Have you ever been asked if your website runs a SQL-driven database and wondered what that meant?

Although the technology dates back to the 1970s, SQL is still in high demand today. The language communicates with databases to produce queries and reports. In fact, over 55% of data analyst jobs still require a background in SQL.

But what is SQL? What does it do and how does it work?

This article provides a great introduction to the world of Structured Query Language.

Read on to learn a simple SQL command. You’ll discover trends in modern database technologies. And why choosing a team with SQL certification can help shape your business’s future.

What Does SQL Mean?

Structured Query Language or SQL is a programming language designed to work with databases.

Its roots go back fifty years when Dr Codd needed a way to work with relational data i.e. records that related to each other. The language developed from there and it now interacts with all relational databases like Microsoft’s SQL Server.

What Is SQL Used For?

Databases work on a system called CRUD. The acronym explains what a database can do with the information it holds.

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete

SQL offers a simple way to offer CRUD functionality using statements or queries. It’s universal which means the same SQL queries work on all relational databases.

For example, you can query a large database of customer records and orders to produce monthly reports. Or remove old information once it’s archived.

How Does SQL Work?

The basic query command is SELECT. Look at the example below:

SELECT CustomerName FROM Customers WHERE CustomerState = ‘Ohio’;

Isn’t it self-explanatory? The query wants customer information returned but only for people living in Ohio. UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements work in a similar way.

Popular SQL Databases

Databases come in all shapes and sizes and some are more popular than others. Here are two principal relational databases used today.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft’s popular Access database offers a limited experience but still uses SQL. But for those that need a robust, scalable, web solution, Microsoft promotes SQL Server.

SQL Server’s utilized by enterprise-level clients down to small to medium-sized businesses. It offers so much functionality that Microsoft offers courses on SQL Server.

Hiring the right team with SQL Server certification needs to be a priority. Installing and configuring the software is complex but the rewards are worth the effort.

Oracle’s MySql

This open-source database is often associated with PHP. It’s used as the backbone to millions of websites including WordPress and eCommerce plugins like Magento.

Like SQL Server, MySql has a range of SQL certification opportunities. But if your business is predominately Microsoft-based, it’s best to use the former.

What is Web SQL API?

On a side note, some modern browsers use a form of SQL called Web SQL.

The API allows developers to communicate with client-side databases through SQL transactions.

However, it’s no longer part of the spec for the Internet’s future. Yet it’s fascinating to see how SQL continues to shape and evolve the world of databases years after it first launched.

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This article asks what is SQL, how does it work, and what is SQL used for?

The answers reveal a remarkable language that’s designed to make database interaction simple. From MySql to Microsoft SQL Server, structured query language speaks to them all.

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