Did you know that there are over 1.3 million lawyers in the USA?

Getting justice and your day in court is big business!

In fact, often, the cost involved in pursuing justice or defending your reputation is so great that many back away.

If you need to action a case or defend yourself in court but are intimidated by the costs, lawsuit funding companies may be able to help you.

What do they do and how can you benefit from them? Why not read our in-depth articles to find out.

What is a Lawsuit Funding Company?

Many people misunderstand the purpose of a lawsuit funding company. They will invest in your lawsuit by providing cash that you can use to cover initial legal expenses.

The amount that they will invest and the method they use to provide this money differs from company to company. Why not visit Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding to find out more.

It is important to remember that they are investing in your case. This means that if you do not win the case or receive a case settlement, you will not have to repay the funding.

Many people hold back from using a lawsuit funding company as they are not aware of the benefits. They may also have applied for funding but have misunderstood the main types of cases that they invest in.

Generally, lawsuit funding companies will provide two types of funding: Consumer litigation finance and funding.

Consumer Litigation Finance

This type of finance has many names but refers to the support of the plaintiff in the term before and during the case. The cost of legal proceedings will deeply impact the lives of participants.

Consumer litigation finance will give support to the person without directly affecting the prosecution. However, the goal of this investment is the same: supporting the person financially until the case is complete.

Commercial Litigation Funders

Commercial litigation funders will provide funding directly for legal costs. Participants in the case may face an overwhelming number of fees such as legal costs, attorney costs, and more.

This is an entire industry to itself. It is seen as an opportunity by many to set up hedge funds, especially if the case is relatively straightforward.

They will provide the funding; however, the investment will require repayment after the end of the case. This will be in addition to consultation and legal fees.

What are Lawsuit Funding Companies and Much More

If you are actioning a lawsuit but feel that you may not have the capital to go all the way, lawsuit funding companies may be able to help you. Thye can provide the cash you need to cover initial legal fees and other expenses.

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