First timers are not into taking too much of risk, when it is about a new business model like dropshipping. Now, there are two types of platforms in here. The first one is where you need to pay a monthly subscription fee for using the platform. Another one is free dropshipping store, where you don’t have to pay a single dime for using the services. If you are entering this business model as a newbie, it is better to go for the free sites. This way you can keep tension and fraud at bay. You can even learn this business module better and later can invest in some other sites, if the need arises.

Starting a free store:

To start your own free dropshipping store, you will need a website first. It is going to be the hardest part of this entering process as you need to learn ways to start your dropshipping without investing money. Most of the free solutions are not up to the mark. So, you have to be very careful while selecting the best dropshipping course in here. You can take advantage of the trial period of 30 days that Shopify presents you with. It might be a struggle to gain free traffic within that 30 days’ time, but it will give you a clear idea of the real market scenario in here.

Avoid the payment scale:

If you have made up your mind of not paying for the dropshipping module, then avoid going down that route from the very first. There are other ways for you to start free amazon dropshipping business and you need to keep a close watch over there. Some best options in here are BigCartel and Weebly. They might not be as good as Shopify’s paid version, but they will offer you with enough tools to start online selling.