If you’re serious about growing your TikTok account and maximizing engagement, you must know the importance of views and saves. But which one should you prioritize – racking up substantial view counts or focusing on getting more saves? The answer might surprise you. And let’s be honest – seeing that view counter-climbing up is psychologically satisfying. It taps into our innate desire for validation and popularity. The higher those view numbers, the more we feel like a TikTok superstar.

But here’s the harsh reality – more than view counts are needed to guarantee real engagement or account growth. People can easily watch your video and immediately move on, never to engage with your content again. It’s the TikTok equivalent of a one-night stand – thrilling at the moment but lacking any lasting connection.

Power of the save

That’s where the save metric comes into play. When someone saves your video, it means they enjoyed your content so much that they want to watch it again later. It’s a more robust signal of genuine interest and engagement than just racking up fleeting views.

Saved videos get automatically added to a user’s favourite playlist, making them much more likely to be revisited frequently. This boosts your overall engagement rates and watchwatches and can lead to more followers and shares from people who genuinely appreciate your content.

Think of saves like having groupies instead of one-night stands. These are the diehard fans who can’t get enough of your videos and will keep coming back for more. That’s the sticky engagement and community-building you want to cultivate on TikTok.

Strategies for Boosting Saves

The importance’s of saving you get more people to save your videos?

1) Create ultra-engaging content

This one’s obvious but crucial. Your videos must deliver so much value, entertainment, or emotional resonance that viewers can’t help but save them to watch again. Strive to make unique, creative content that fits current trends or relatable experiences.

2) Encourage saves in video

A simple call-to-action works wonders. In your video descriptions or with text overlays, ask viewers to save your video if they enjoyed it. You even offer an incentive like saving for a bonus part or behind-the-scenes content check more info here getlikes.com.

3) Repurpose successful videos 

Consider remaking the variation if a particular video struck a chord and got great engagement. Switch up the visuals, audio, or premise slightly while retaining the initial core idea that made it a hit.

4) Collaborate with other creators

Creators with highly engaged fanbases are like gold mines for new, sticky followers. Collaborate on videos and cross-promote each other’s content to expose your profiles to many new fans eager to save fire content.

5) Buy tiktok saves

Also, buy TikTok saves from trusted providers for a shortcut to quickly stacking up impressive save counts. This instantly boosts your social proof and visibility on the app’s Discover pages. Make sure you’re buying natural, organic saves to avoid TikTok penalties.

Saves represent the holy grail of genuine audience interest and loyalty – invaluable for TikTok creators.