Every system be it in a personal or professional environment is at a constant threat from a multitude of sources. Be it a local mom & pop store or the mega fortune 500 companies, everyone is under the duress when it comes to cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. The fact that makes us more gullible and susceptible to the same is that there are so many threats out there that it is becoming more and more difficult to secure oneself from.

So here are the top 5 cybersecurity vulnerabilities and ways to combat them:

1) Malware attacks

These are software that are created with the purpose of causing harm to a system be it in the form of malfunctioning, data theft or remote access and control to the system. They spread out in the form of ransomware, Trojans, and worms, often unnoticed by the victim and hence causing a greater extent of damages.

Firewalls are your best bet against these.

2) Obsolete technology

How many times do you find yourself avoiding the ‘Update Now’ option? Yes, it is the root cause of many security problems as one doesn’t take these updates seriously. With every update comes added security to keep up with the voyeurs who are trying to gain access to your system.

Your security is in your hands.

3) Unexpected phishing attacks

We are all susceptible to these attacks which happen in various forms be it through emails, site redirecting or other. A message that appears seemingly important catches our attention making us follow the procedure given to get the work done, which in turn gives unparalleled access to the hacker into our system.

Email virus detection tools, Multifactor authentication, and employee cybersecurity awareness training are arenas where you’d want to invest into.

4) Understanding the IoT devices

The smart IoT devices often lead you to trouble, as they have access to your system through easy configuration as they pave a path for hackers to follow.

The only thing that secures you from this is the security audit and separates the access given to devices by authentication methods and more.

5) Keeping your colleagues updated

Security is a concern for all. It is essential that everyone participates in the same and understand what it means and takes to keep data confidential. Obliviousness and lack of awareness can cost quite a lot when it comes to these matters.