One of the main concerns of office owners is having the office answers to the requirements of the employees using the space. It is important that the designs must ensure that space meets the needs of the tenants and helps in saving time and money for all activities and engagements. Designs should also be as eye-catching, functional and award-winning as expo booths. Here are some the trending office fit outs for 2019.

Open office

Offices are now getting away of partitions and if not, heights are now much lower thus creating the open feel and atmosphere. Offices and Expo booths are more of without partitions and design is towards seeing who’s present inside. Open office benefit is maximizing the day lighting thus saving energy and being fuel efficient. It is also a fit out design that is tuned to young people’s desire of seeing their managers and in having more eye contact with superiors for better and enhanced communications. 

More rooms

Large conference room usually eats up space and oftentimes the space is wasted as only a few people are using such large space. Large conference is oftentimes idle and seldom used. Wasted space means wasted money. Having more rooms of varying size with different capacity size is far better than having large room for conferences and meetings thus avoiding wasted space and wasted money.

Common area

Office fit outs usually have designated common areas. The goal is supporting the company’s goals and values. Designs should be in promoting employee’s collaboration, interactions and support. Common areas that is well-places and appropriated produced more efficiency in workmanship and team engagement. Having a single common room also reduced cost thus saving operational expenses.

Factoring human factor

With the millennial and GenXer as the usual users of today’s offices, and factoring human needs of these tenants is now the trend in fit outs designs. The big difference between millennial and GenXers are on what on their workstation or desks. Millennials are usually clean and with less stuff with the opposites of GenXers with lots of stuff but similarly in being concerned with technology. Looking at custom exhibition stands, one can see how technology is the main feature. It is also no a stand outs  in fitouts designing. Designing for fit outs with for these types of workers is now pushing with technology as one important human needs.

Office fitouts and expo booths designs main goal is marketing as well as sustainability. Each design must be well-thought and answers the requirements of the users and tenants. It is the objectives that must be continuing and prevailing.