Road accidents are increasing day by day and there is a need for proper installation of such mechanism which offers proper safety and security. Traffic rules are necessary and so are the advanced level traffic systems. With the help of these systems, there can be proper control of such chaos created on the roads and it will save the life of the people. Such systems are important for the places which have high pedestrian traffic nearby. Traffic Logix is the company which offers you high-quality equipment for the road safety. They have come up with effective solutions and systems which are helpful in maintaining a good traffic system on the roads.

Traffic systems offered by Traffic Logix

Radar Speed Signs

With the help of radar speed signs, people are made aware of the speed limit to be maintained by the cars and other automobiles. With the implementation of these systems, you are able to create a safer zone on the roads to prevent car accidents and collisions. This traffic device is operated with an autonomous battery which offers three times more power than other normal batteries. It easily rotates vertically and horizontally to offer clear and wide visibility to the drivers.

Speed Camera Systems

Most of the drivers try to over-speed on the road and they often break the traffic signals. For this Traffic Logix provides you with a reliable solution of speed camera systems. These cameras are high speed and offer minute details about the speeding vehicle. These cameras come in conjugation with the feedback signs which can create an impact on limiting the speed of these drivers and encourage them to slow down at areas like schools, street markets etc.

Safepace Guardian Camera

It is special equipment which offers immense safety at roads and other important areas. This device comes with safety radar which detects the speed of the person violating the assigned speed limit in that particular zone. It takes the photo of the over-speeding driver and stamps the speed limit on the snap and other necessary details for better identification of the person. This system is well designed and suited for the private housings, communities and even in the school and college campuses. It captures images both day and night and offers you a clear data in all the weathers. It is AC powered and the user can easily access the data from anyplace.