The Australian textile industry is one of the most neglected industries in the world with consistency and uniqueness. This is because it has so many tales to tell that are woven in the sweat and struggle of almost 36,000 people. Yet, even though the country is known for its tech and tourism industry, Australia’s textile enterprise consisting of internationally acclaimed garment businesses is fearfully overshadowed. 

The unique natural substances are the attention of Australian textiles. The country’s well-known to utilise the wool production, bark, fruits and leaves of trees to make fashionable clothes. Another highlight of this sector is its use of industrial sewing machines.

The sewing machine is never a child’s play, and one should not buy industrial sewing machines with the carefreeness shown while purchasing home sewing machines. Domestic ones are different in their size, speed and adjustability compared to the industrial ones. They function for home use only.  

Different varieties of this machinery available in the market include single-needle and multi-needle lockstitch machine, zig-zag sewing machine, overlock sewing machine and bartack machine. 

The first thing to keep in mind before the purchase is the use. Industrial machines are helpful for everyday use and easy to create a good quantity of clothes at a time. These engines produce similar types of commodities quickly. Industrial sewing machines have single stitch capability, which restricts the stylistic sewing needs. It would be better to avoid a domestic sewing machine to produce a bulk of clothes with similar and straightforward patterns. 

Industrial machines serve the best for manufacturing capacity as it is durable and has an unbeatable pace. Individuals working for manufacturing purposes are the most beneficiaries of this machine as it works long hours to make multiple products with complex fabrics. It is less time consuming too.

The next important thing is to find the best machine for one’s budget. Since it is durable, industrial machines are more expensive than domestic equipment. Therefore, one should consider the feature and model while purchasing based on the price point and utilisation of the machine. 

Benefits of industrial sewing machines

Here is the list of all the advantages of using a professional machine:

  1. Durability: Domestic machines would not last for many years if one uses them daily. Professional machines are durable and can avoid sudden malfunctioning. 
  2. Speed: The strong engines enable an unstoppable pace in industrial sewing machines. It can work on long pieces of fabric with a uniform speed. There are industrial models which sew with a rate of 5,000 rpm. 
  3. Easy to handle: Since the setup is limited and stitches are restricted, there are no complications in using the machine. 
  4. Strong motors: The strong and unique motors enable the machine to start and stop instantly. 
  5. Automatic features: Everything in a professional sewing machine is automatic, including trimming the thread and back tacking. 

Maintenance of the industrial machine

One should regularly clean the machine like the domestic sewing machine. The usual procedures of removing the thread clippings and checking the bobbin case often are applicable here also. While removing the lint and dirt, do not remove the grease, which is necessary to function the engine properly. Industrial machines should be oiled twice a week as it runs all the day with strong engines. Applying oil enables the smooth working of the engine. A dust cover could be placed over the machine after use to save from tiny dust particles.

The availability of raw materials in abundance and the recognition of markets worldwide makes the Australian textile industry the best. So grab the opportunity, invest and make the best use of it.