Today you can trade in gold very easily in U.S. dollars via a forex platform. However, you will want to remember that traditionally forex trading does have some strict time limitations. Fortunately, these limitations are lessening with sometimes trading allowed all day long. You will also want to remember that gold trading is very volatile, constantly going up and down based on the current moods of the investors. It usually goes way up in the aftermath of some big worldwide catastrophe. For instance, during the worldwide financial crisis, many investors put their funds into gold. And you can read Full Rollover Guide about gold here. 

This is because it is seen as a more dependable financial investment. But it is not seen as productive as stocks and bonds so when the aftermath of a worldwide catastrophe has cleared up, most of those investors will withdraw their gold investments an put that money back in stocks and bonds. In fact, it is a vast understatement that it is less productive since gold, while dependable, never grows as an investment at all. While it will not produce in itself, there are many places in the world that do demand gold in the manufacture of various items.

The biggest demand for it today is usually found in China and India. These countries, in particular, use it in their jewelry, bars, and coins. But they are definitely not the sole users. As a whole, the worldwide demand for gold started getting a little less in 2013 meaning that this dependable investment started even attracting fewer investors. Still, because of its dependability, it has remained temporarily attracting in the aftermath of catastrophes.

These downtimes for gold investments seem about over. Many investment companies are predicting its increased rise in demand and are therefore raising their gold prices. In 2018 gold has once again become viewed as a very good investment. While stocks and cryptocurrency investments were still the most popular among investors last year, 2017 also saw many worldwide catastrophes that made gold investments big once again. This time the investors do not appear to be returning to the stocks and cryptocurrency with the clearing smoke.

Gold has been doing so well the past couple of years that last year gold trading on COMEX came to an all-time high. This obviously means that there is a whole lot of interest in gold right now and it appears that it will be staying that way for a while. Studies have shown that gold has already risen 12 percent this year alone. While gold seems like a very good investment right now, investors would be very well advised to keep a close eye on it.

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