Paying attention to the essay is essential for the candidate to do well in the High School Exam. The format of the test is the argumentative dissertation, a genre that allows the student to build an initial thesis and defend different points of view throughout the text.

To this end, the writer, points out that it takes a lot of training and practice to reach the long awaited grade on the exam. “Writing is training and skill,” the expert says, noting that writing is one of the biggest challenges for candidates. You can go for the paperhelp reviews now.

The Right Choices

Thinking about helping students avoid basic mistakes, Dad lists a number of practical and essential tips for writing a good essay. See below for the main recommendations.

  1. Who wants to get a grade in the essay needs to train a lot. Write on any subject at least one page every day.
  2. Arrange the text coherently and especially with beginning, middle and end. For this it is necessary to make a writing plan, which is nothing more than a guide that guides the writing within the proposed theme. The parts of the text need to talk to each other.

The Writing Choices

If the candidate is more likely to start the test by writing, do so. But if you prefer to take the exam before, no problem, the order depends on each student. But reading the topic of writing at the time you start the test is important, as the texts provide elements and arguments for the writing and this can enrich your dissertation.

  1. Do tests and previous simulations. This point is linked to training, because the more you practice, the faster you write. To save time in reviewing the test, writing fast is a differentiator.

Use statistical data and background text information to build your essay. They are provided for just that. The examiner wants to know if the candidate knows how to take advantage of everything offered to him.

Be up to date. In general, the subject of writing is a hot topic today. Keeping up with reading is critical. You have to read newspapers, websites, and magazines, not to be surprised by a subject you’ve never heard of.

Historical allusion and citation of authors are not obligatory, but can be a differential to make the text more interesting and seductive. If it suits your writing, use this feature to attract the attention of the examining board.

  1. Understanding the theme is fundamental. Do not run away from it when writing, as this is what virtually eliminates the candidate. This gives the examining board the impression that the text has been decorated. Escape the gerund, because it disturbs the writing and the clarity of ideas. It is ambiguous, makes the text inaccurate, poor and punishes the simplicity of the text.