Given the ever-growing interest of all the players in the economy for cardboard, many models and formats of cardboard packaging like in Brandt Box for example have emerged to meet all demands. Here is a non-exhaustive presentation of these cardboard packaging:

Single/double/triple fluted boxboard: ideal for moving and transporting many products at the same time

GALIA boxboard:  model specially designed for the automotive sector, available with or without a lid

VAD/REDOUTE boxboard: model specially designed for the clothing sector and distance selling

cardboard packaging for bottles: equipped with wedging modules to hold the glass bottle in place

the post box: specially designed for sending small parcels by post, available with or without adhesive closure

the shipping case: is equipped with flaps to hold in place CDs, DVDs, or books to be shipped

the mailing tube: square or round, allows you to send posters, posters, or other documents without crumpling or folding them (they are rolled up)  

the archive box: is ideal for storing documents

the storage bin: this is ideal for storing small parts such as screws or small accessories

If you are unsure which model to choose, do not hesitate to read our buying guide on cardboard packaging. He will answer all your questions!

What Are The Advantages Of Cardboard For Your Deliveries?

Cardboard is a known product and packaging Large Boxes. Often intended for deliveries, several commercial sectors make use of this material given the many advantages it offers. Appreciated by individuals and professionals alike, cardboard is a safe bet for shipping products.

Faced with a powerful but controversial plastic market, cardboard remains an ecological and cheap alternative.

Cardboard Is Adaptable

Depending on the requests and needs, the cardboard can take many formats. It can take a square or round shape to ship posters, documents, and maps without damaging and creasing them.

The cardboard can take the form of a bottle via its equipment of wedging modules, as it can serve as a shipping case for books, CDs, and DVDs. The containerboard remains the best-known model for logistics companies, as it is the ideal packaging for the transport of products.

Cardboard Is Eco-Friendly And Recyclable

Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material. It can be recycled for new use without the trouble of decimating forests. The constituent elements of cardboard decompose naturally, which limits the degradation of our ecological heritage. Therefore, cardboard packaging is an ideal solution to limit the deleterious effects of pollution.