Test and tag is a special requirement that Australia has in place for testing and tagging all electrical items and appliances in every workplace. In order to meet Australia’s regulations regarding this, every item needs to be thoroughly inspected, and all electrical cords need tested for damage, wear and tear, flexion, and even electrical polarity. 

There are many reasons why these electrical testing services are done, and one of the main reasons is to reduce the amount of fatalities and injuries that occur each year in certain industries because of faulty electronic equipment. This isn’t limited to just one industry though. Even office equipment that is dedicated to being worked on (computers, printers, etc.) all have to have test and tagged done as well. Keep reading for more information about testing and tagging and tagging, and how to choose a test and tag service.

Test and Tag Fatalities

Believe it or not, most of the industries that have been proven to have the most fatalities are the agriculture, construction, and forestry industry. These are due to electricity alone. Following shortly behind these is the arts and recreation industry, because faulty wiring has been the cause of electric shock, even when it comes to entertainment artists, and stage equipment malfunction. Over the years since Australia implemented these standards, the number has greatly been reduced, and only a handful of fatalities due to electronics has happened.

How to Choose the Right Test and Tag Service

There are numerous things you need to look for when it comes to finding the right service that can do it for you. Some people believe that you may be able to save money by hiring an in-house team to do this for you, but if you think about it, you have a lot of things to consider, like all of the expenses on training, equipment, as well as the insurance, workman’s compensation, and the individual pay that you’re going to have to spend on each person that you train for the job in this department. You can actually save yourself the trouble and a lot of money by choosing a test and tag service to do this for you.

Your test and tag service needs to have qualified technicians, or even possibly electricians that have knowledge of the AS/NZ 3760 Standard regulation, as well as the ability and the tools to find faults in your equipment that you wouldn’t normally be able to find just by regular means. They have to have knowledge of how to properly tag the equipment and know the intervals at which testing and tagging need to be done as well, since the timeframe between tests varies by industry. At the same time, each item has its own test and tag routine depending on what it’s being used for and how it is used.


When choosing the right test and tag service, you also want to ensure that they’re flexible so they can work around your scheduling needs and be able to come at reasonable times during the day, so they don’t interrupt productivity. They also need to have a pretty reasonable price involved with the bid of the job as well. If you are looking for a test and tag service, you can usually find a few in the area so you can get all of your equipment tested and tagged at once by multiple technicians, or all done in a short amount of time so you don’t have to keep taking time out of your workplace.