A person uses an emoji as a visual representation of emotions. Concerning sentence structure, people use emoji to convey emotion-irony or humor-and to replace non-verbal communication and vocal tone in text-based communication.

You have to be knowledgeable to use these emojis properly. To use emojis properly, you need to know the purpose of each emoji. Someone might misinterpret your point just because you may put it in the wrong part of the phrase, or do not have any connection to what you were saying.

A study has also shown that unpleasant emojis or emoticons in messages generate negative emotions in the reader, and vice versa. In business communication, emojis can loosen negative words, such as refusals, requests, or adverse comments.

To Express

Emojis act like punctuation, it provides hints on how to interpret the phrases that came before them, as an exclamation mark would have been. Usually, an emoji adds to concepts rather than replacing expressions. They use emojis to widen up the receiver’s thought because sometimes emojis can help you express what you want to convey.

The rainbow emoji shows a bright, colorful arc of a rainbow. When you are not using it for meteorological occurrence, This rainbow emoji can represent different emotions, like hope, happiness, closeness, and blessings. This LGBTQ community uses this Emoji to express their identity and pride.

Social Media Interactions

Social media is the place where people use emojis non-stop. Study shows that most people on the internet are that twitter has the highest usage of emojis every day. Twitter makes people express their feelings online, and by that, through emojis, a person uses those to convey what they genuinely feel.

You can communicate with emojis without saying anything. These emojis are like language than can be understood by many. You can lighten the mood when using the right emojis in a conversation; it makes the interaction more fun.

Seeing someone using emojis is like you can picture out how they react. Emojis will make your composition more likable when it doesn’t seem that much different from their content. It makes complete sense that using visuals for your branded social media posts is an excellent way to make it more user-friendly.

Know The Real Meaning

Emojis are important to the communication of emotion that words can not describe. However, it does not possess significance in the academic community or in a context that requires an objective voice. Emojis are supposed to be fun, light-hearted, and convey a full variety of emotions efficiently, that words often can not.

Misunderstanding is the primary reason people fight. So, it is necessary to know the real meaning behind each emojis because sometimes you might misuse it and make disagreement with any parties. Give yourself a time to search in Google so it will help you in the future.

Usually, Emoji adds to notions rather than replicates words. When you’re emailing, DM-ing, or sending text messages, use can emojis at the end of a written sentence to illustrate color or expression.

Social Media Marketing

World Wide Fund for Nature #EndangeredEmoji Campaign. Many of you regularly use the animal emoji in your messages. So the World Wide Fund for Nature has begun a campaign wherein 17 endangered animal emojis can do good. The WWF first released this on twitter. According to WWF, they start a campaign to save animals from extinction. You can donate £0.10 

Besides WWF, generic electric company also uses this kind of strategy for their campaign. Their hashtag is #EmojiScienceCampaign. On 11 December 2014, they introduced their EmojiScience Campaign with a microsite and Twitter invitation. We asked their younger audience to send some emoji and see what will happen.

To Gain Peers

People good at using emoji have more fun conversations; in that way, they always gain friends because they sound so competent and friendly, even you can’t see them. Plain messages seem so serious and boring, but remember that if you send a letter to your boss, avoid putting emojis to be sound sincere.

In a study in which participants chatted online with “health professionals” and “movie specialists” who either used or tried to avoid emoji, they ask the participants to rate the experts from both topics on who is more friendly and skillful when communicating with emoticons.


A friendly reminder, properly use emojis to avoid misunderstanding. Do not use emojis just because you want to; use it if only needed. If you want more details about emojis, you can search on google or visit the emoji guide’s website. Please make sure that check your messages before sending them.

Please don’t use too much Emoji to the point it can make you sound annoying in a conversation because emojis are an obsession with a lot of texters. Whether it’s through WhatsApp or Twitter, emojis are finding their way through how you interact with the world.