The competition is fierce on both the high-street and online, sometimes offering the best product isn’t enough to spread your awareness and make your brand know. Marketing, the website and some fundamentals is an essential area to focus on with an E-commerce company and there are tips and tricks to help make your website a tempting place to shop with.


It’s essential that you make the website a pleasant place to view. If the bounce rate on your site is high, or a lot of people are leaving the site on the homepage, you might want to consider optimising the site for future users. Researching methods to make you loading pages faster and also making the homepage more fluid and desirable to tempt views to browse further. Attractive images and videos matched with buttons and easy navigation should be a priority before investing in any further marketing tactics. Avoiding the artistic approach that might hide pages under unknown phrases that viewer might not catch on to.

Online Marketing

Once your site is optimised for those who have landed on it, you can begin to consider how to draw people into viewing the site. Social media platforms are an easy means to help broadcast your brand and help its awareness expand. Fitness clothing or gym wear, for example, is best advertised using images and action shots help paint a picture in the viewer’s mind. Using hashtags to optimise the posts reach and keeping the media posts fresh and consistent help people following the brand make the choice to order naturally.

You can also create competitions easily so people who follow and tag friends in the post can win some free products, it’s a low-cost tool that helps with awareness and giving away some gym joggers isn’t going to cost much to the company. If the business begins to make some considerable profit you can take your online marketing a step further and begin using paid social media and google options that allow your brand and promotions to naturally come up on peoples searches and news feeds.

Basic Marketing

At times, some sites can forget the fundamentals of marketing their products. Using attractive high-quality images is essential whilst people are using your website and scrolling through the brand’s social media, even if it means using a professional service. A viewer on the website isn’t going to buy a product from an unfamiliar site if the imagery doesn’t sell the product to them.

Product descriptions are also important, depending on the product or services your business is offering, a full description that answers common questions will help the potential customer commit to the order. It’s unlikely that people are going to send an email to enquire for further information, they will just look elsewhere. Ask a friend or family member to view the page and help to think of questions that aren’t answered on the page, size guide, fit, delivery options and payment methods are all essentials for example.

If you can focus on this area at first and then offer the customer a good product with matching service after their commitment to purchase, the likelihood is that they will recommend you and shop again. It’s about getting your viewers to make that initial purchase and then your product can do the rest.