High School Diploma Holders often enroll for postsecondary degrees known as Associate’s Degrees. Candidates who complete their Associate’s Degree programs successfully receive Associate Degree certificates. This implies that they have acquired higher levels of education compared to their equivalents holding high school diploma certificates only. Nonetheless, their qualifications do not measure up to those of Bachelor’s Degrees.

Although the entry prerequisites for Associate Degree Programs depend on the institution, most schools and programs demand learners to have undergone high school successfully or have comparable qualifications (GED). However, you should take note of programs with extra requirements. For instance, some schools might demand your high school transcripts, recommendation letters, resume an essay and Standardizes Test Scores like ACT or SAT.

How Long Does It Take To Earn An Associate Degree?

Associate Degree Courses at the University of Phoenix often take two years for completion. However, you can opt for an accelerated schedule in which case you will complete the same program in about a single year. You can also take advantage of credits from CLEP tests and Advanced Placements (AP) to reduce the duration of this course. Interestingly, some schools will give you more credits for work experience.

Where To Earn An Associate Degree

Universities, four-year colleges, trade schools, vocational schools and community colleges offer Associate’s Degrees. What is more, most of these institutions permit you to choose between Online and Campus-based degree programs.

You Should Go For An Associate’s Degree When You:

  1. Have undergone a college course with under 90 quarter credits equivalent of 60-semester credits but you desire to top up your credits quickly and hence earn a credible degree.
  2. Have the 60 or 90 semester or quarter credits respectively from one college but they are insufficient to constitute an Associate Degree,
  • Have made up your mind on particular jobs that require Associate Degrees.
  1. Lack any college experience yet you are certain about your desire to undergo a Bachelor’s Degree quickly and at relatively cheaper costs.

 TIP: The numerous colleges offering Online Associate’s Degrees guarantee that you will find an ideal institution. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the total of Associate Degrees (59%) outdoes the number of Bachelor’s courses (36%). This is due to the increasing demand for online for-profit colleges that compete for students against public community institutions. Even so, for-profit schools advertise their programs intensively on online platforms compared to non-profit public institutions. Also, for-profit online degree programs cost more than traditional schools two or three times.

Online Associate Degree Tips

Specific colleges feature their independent degree plans comprising or compulsory and elective courses. Most organizations in the least offer a single Online Associate Degree. If you know the field that you desire to specialize in such as Human Resource Management, then you should take a specified number of cluster courses in the same field.

Most Associate Degree courses also include vital courses in fundamental critical thinking commonly known as Liberal Arts. They include Humanities, Arts, English, Science, Social Sciences, and Math.

Often, completing an Associate’s Degree at the University of Phoenix implies that you will enter the workforce sooner than individuals who go for Bachelor’s Degree courses. However, to enjoy this benefit as well as its cost-effectiveness, you should compare the degree necessities for different schools before choosing your perfect Online Associate Degree.

The best way to determine the ideal Associate Degree Program for your needs is in deciding on your career path. This is the only way to apply for a perfect degree level with respect to the entry criteria for your preferred job. Remember, you will always want to advance your education after acquiring work and professional experience. Hence, you should research extensively on your preferred jobs while analyzing their entry standards.

Associate Degrees Vs. Bachelor Degrees

Associate and Bachelor’s Degree guarantee better and more job opportunities with higher income compared to High School Diplomas. However, associate’s degrees generally consumer lesser amounts of money and time compared to Bachelor’s degrees averagely by a half.

Furthermore, the different degrees will place you in different occupations. Often, Associate Degrees place you in entry-level positions whereas Bachelor’s courses place you in mid or entry-level posts with advanced responsibilities.