This article is especially dedicated to food lovers who love to dine out and want to try different cuisine. Isn’t it great to make dollars while eating? You must be thinking I am joking but that is true you can win amazing rewards from some of the renowned food brands. Here we will discuss some of the popular food chain outlets who are offering sweepstakes to their customers. All you need to do is to answer their few questions which are mostly related to your recent visit or you experience with their services and products. 

Make sure read all the information such as eligibility criteria, policy, survey guidelines, frequency, and rewards attached to the particular survey. You will find all the information over the internet and most of these surveys can be attempted through online and mail some of them you can also do through calling. As per my experience online is the best and fastest way to do it but you can decide as per your convenience. 

Here is the list of popular food sweepstakes

Food sweepstakes are generally don’t have big rewards like other surveys but these could be amazing due to their assured rewards of food and discounts. Here we are going to share the sweepstakes both which has high rewards and those which are offering guaranteed rewards of foods & discounts. 

  1. Tellthebell

I love Mexican food then you must have visited the taco bell in past. they running the sweepstakes where you can win $500 cash prize.  You can attempt their surveys through online and mail and the complete surveys take around 5 to 10 minutes. All you need a recent taco bell receipt with a valid survey code to enter in the sweepstakes. So on your next visit make sure after enjoying the Mexican delicacies you need to take their surveys. 

  1. Mcdvoice

Macdonald’s is also offering a survey and sweepstakes to their customers where you can win $100 cash. I won this sweepstake once after my 12th attempt. It took only 5 minutes to complete the survey and I did this through online. And in one month you can participate 5 times so there is plenty of opportunities to win some cash while fulfilling your hunger. Most of us love eating at McDonald but most of the time we avoid to participate in the survey but we should try to give the feedback as this help companies to improve their products.

  1. Tellsubway

Who can’t remember the amazing subway sandwiches which could be the most amazing breakfast in the morning? I still love visiting the subway and recently I started to participate in their sweepstakes. And the most interesting part is that here everyone gets the reward because they offer a free cookie. So the reward is not that great but still adding value to our meal. And in exchange we are getting a  free cookie with our meal is a worth deal. 

  1. Talktowendys

Same like subway wendy also don’t offer big rewards like taco bell and MacDonald’s but free meal to their customers. So again this a great deal for those who loves eating fast food. Just carry your recent wendy’s receipt and participate in their survey after answering all the questions you will enter in their sweepstakes where you will get free BOGO or Dave’s sandwich. These types of surveys are quite attractive to me because I love eating and its give me the reason to eat more. 

  1. Dqfanfeedback

We all need desserts after delicious food and Dairy Queen is top on that list. And this also one of those surveys where you get guaranteed reward. If participate in Dqfeedback fan survey you will receive a free dilly which is considered a good reward. Here you also need a purchase receipt with 19 digit survey code and you need to answer a few questions. After completing the survey you will get a coupon code which is for free dilly.  


Food surveys and sweepstakes can be the easiest part of your plate. All you need to do is to participate in the sweepstakes whenever you are going to dine out. And you can segregate guaranteed rewards from the winner based sweepstakes. And go for those which you love the most like I am interested more on assured rewards like dqfanfeedback, tellsubway, and talktowendys. You can make your own list of favorite sweepstakes.