It’s time to face facts: Americans, by and large, are terrible at budgeting for things. Over half of our population doesn’t use a budget for their hard-won funds. This is a serious problem, considering how many people struggle to earn enough money to cover their basic expenses, to begin with.

Financial technology and personal finance software can help everyone to meet their budgeting goals. Here’s how this fantastic tech is changing people’s behavior with money for the better!

Fintech Helps People Invest

One of the benefits of personal finance software has been the extension of investment to the layperson.

The stock market was once the bastion of rich accountants and stockbrokers. Now, it has opened up to allow the average, everyday person to earn money through the use of fintech and its penny-stock applications. This levels the playing field between the haves and the have-nots considerably.

Personal Finance Software Helps People Understand Credit

Another of the major benefits of personal finance software is how it helps people to understand and repair their credit. Fintech lets consumers understand their credit score and take the necessary steps to repair it. What once required the services of an external accountant can now be handled with a few clicks of a button.

Now, in severe cases, someone might still need the services of a credit repair service like However, for the most part, people can now track, manage, and improve their own credit scores.

Better Budgeting Influences Consumer Behavior

Many personal finance apps available through major banking institutions now include a budgeting tool. This tool may come in the form of an automatic bill tool. Or it may come in “virtual envelopes” like the former mobile banking app Simple.

Regardless, these budgeting tools can help consumers with tracking money.

People who keep track of their money tend to engage in other types of consumer behavior. If people have more money to spare, they’re more inclined to spend it.

Personal Finance Apps Make Banking More Personal

One of the greatest benefits of personal finance software and the evolution of fintech is increasing the accessibility of banking institutions. Making them feel more personal. Whether it’s through a fun chatbot or the simple ability to handle small account adjustments without the need to visit a bank branch in person, these apps make banking a better experience for all parties involved.

Let’s Review the Basics

To be frank, personal finance software has completely rewritten the old financial rules. People can invest, examine their credit score, budget, and interact with their banks themselves. They no longer must do so through intermediaries.

This makes the world of finance seem real and accessible, allowing people to take their riches into their own hands.

Tracking money and where it goes is easier than ever thanks to the advancements made by personal finance apps and software. Are you curious about the apps that might help you get better at budgeting and managing your credit? If so, check out our blog each day for more informative articles like this one!