The businesses in New Zealand will have equal opportunities to spread their wings across the globe. Back then, it had been challenging to interact with other businesses. The transactions were very difficult because of the different regulations and languages from one country to another. Well, it is sensible to see the kind of crash since different companies should have different software to procure the e-invoices.

Here is where the peppol services enter to help. This set of standards can help all businesses in NZ to transact with other parties in an automatic and standardized way.

Maintaining an internationally compliant invoicing practice will ensure any type of business can overcome the barriers when they want to interact with their international clients.

As mentioned in the Government agenda, digital inclusion is one of the most appropriate strategies to give easy access to all businesses and suppliers in order to stay relevant to the global market. To achieve such relevancy, they will need to conduct their procurement based on international standards. and when you are asking about what kind of standards can help them, the answer is no other than peppol new zealand.

The good news for all NZ businesses is that the government has committed to providing the integrated solution across the borders and different jurisdictions. So, the businesses won’t be blocked from international opportunities again.

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is the short version of PAN-EUROPEAN Public Procurement ON-LINE.

Keep in mind that this phrase does not describe a platform, device, vessel, or tool. Rather, it is the peppol network which is used by the companies and agencies to transfer their file safely in internationally standardized manners.

European Commission and the other 18 government agencies make the peppol services happen to increase the interoperability between the government bodies and private entities including the suppliers and businesses.

The adoption of the peppol business documents has been rapidly seen in many countries. That includes the peppol new Zealand as well.

The government authorities have the mandate to procure the invoicing in the UBL. The standard set can be used both in the NZ country itself and international parties.

That means the e-invoices practice is also mandated for the business-to-business invoicing. Not only that it is mandated, but it is also necessary for most businesses who want to expand more effectively. If you are running a business in the country, you will quickly realize the importance of the peppol consulting for your business market expansion. Imagine how much money you can save, thanks to the perks offered by the people of New zealand.

Why are businesses using PEPPOL Network?

Conducting the e-procurement over the peppol access point provider comes with fantastic perks.

When you connect to the right peppol access point, you can rest assured that the network you use will be secure and reliable. That means you don’t need to worry if your procurement is tampered by the other party or else. The closed and classified network will ensure the privacy and protection of the financial data that is exchanged between the involved agencies and companies.

Galaxy GW can help you with the access point. They can guarantee that you will always send your documents safely through a reliable platform.

The particular set of standards won’t only help you in sending the electronic invoicing documents, but also other business documents like the shipment, purchases, contracts, memos, and so on. As you’ve connected to the reliable access point, you can use the API to transfer the documents to your recipients from your own software. Of course, you won’t need to create the billing software from scratch. Instead, you can implement the peppol new Zealand in your existing solution.

Which countries use Peppol?

The global reach of the peppol services seems not to stop. It has been a solid part of globalization in the world. As you might have realized, the global market has pushed many businesses to change the way they exchange information. To make your business stay relevant to the demands, you will want to use the new effective invoicing formats.

PEPPOL has created an environment for businesses and governments to connect with each other across the borders. No matter what kind of your activities: business-to-government, or business-to-business, you can make all of the connections effectively with the help of the peppol access point provider.

The global approach shouldn’t be complicated. With the help of this solution, a particular enterprise can go internationally without any huge hassle.

This particular set of standards has been used worldwide. By the moment we wrote this post, there are around 39 countries in the world that have practiced procurement by being compliant with the particular standards. Although not all countries have adopted this solution, it is only a matter of time until we can see the significant spread of the usages.

Connecting to PEPPOL

The government of NZ has mandated the utilization of electronic invoicing that involves the supply chain businesses and public entities.

More and more agencies are using the peppol business documents to transact. That is one of the reasons why this solution trend has been rapidly increasing.

You can connect to the peppol network in basically two ways: 1) connecting your business to a certified PEPPOL AP provider, or 2) being the AP provider by yourself.

The good thing about this product is that you don’t have to connect to different servers to proceed with using it. You just need to connect to one single AP, and then you will gain access to the network to make the procurement with your international partners. In other words, a single connection to the specific AP is enough to exchange the business documents with other PEPPOL-enabled companies or public bodies.

The purpose of the Peppol

There are a lot of ways to define the real objectives of the specification of this international standard. From 2020, the OpenPEPPOL has brought more significant solutions for many businesses for conducting international e-invoicing.

By being compliant to the particular specifications, it will give the perks for most businesses to improve their International processes without worrying about the different jurisdictions.